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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 893

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 893

Catherine closed her eyes and finally gritted her
teeth. “Get out.”

The next few days, Catherine and Austin were bustling about to find evidence.

It was Tuesday in the blink of an eye. When Wesley came to visit her, he saw that her eyes were bloodshot and her face seemed to have slimmed down. His heart clenched. “You’re going to court tomorrow. Have you found any evidence?”

“Yeah.” Catherine rubbed her tired eyes. “We found some evidence. There’s a chance of winning, but it’s not big.”

“Oh?” Wesley’s eyes flashed meaningfully. “What is it? I’m quite curious.”

“I won’t say it now. You’ll find out tomorrow,” Catherine said worriedly, “But the chances of winning are very small. After all… the opposing side is Shaun Hill, who has never lost before. Tomorrow, rather than letting the judge pronounce that Logan is innocent, we’re actually trying to convince Shaun. As long as he understands that Logan was framed, there’s a chance we can win.”

“Not necessarily, ” Wesley reminded her, “Even if he realizes he might have wrongly accused Logan, it’ll be his first failure in his career as a lawyer if he loses. Even if he knows he’s wrong, judging from his arrogant character, he’ll continue to fight to win.”

Catherine was stunned and smiled bitterly. “You’re right. People like him have no bottom line.”

“But… you’ll win.” Wesley suddenly gently pressed on her shoulder. “I know you’ve been busy and very tired lately, so I haven’t been sitting around idly either. I found the car that was used to kidnap Sarah. There was no trace of Logan in it.”

“Really?” Catherine suddenly sat up, her eyes filled with brightness.

“Yeah.” Wesley handed her a file. “I’ve asked the relevant authorities to check the car and even searched for fingerprints. Only the car trunk has Logan’s fingerprints.”

“That’s great.” Catherine took the file and felt emotional. “With this, we’ll absolutely win. Wesley, thank you so much. I can’t ever repay—”

“Don’t talk about repaying me. My feelings for you make me more than willing to do anything for

you. ” Wesley gently held her hands. His eyes were full of affection as he said, “ If you want to protect him, I’ll protect him with you.”

Catherine’s heart shook fiercely.

All along, she was aware of Wesley’s feelings for her, but she had always rejected him.

That moment, she was utterly touched. In fact, she should have realized long ago that he was the person who treated her the best. All these years, he had accompanied her without complaints. He would help her whenever she needed it, and he treated Suzie and Lucas so well too.

As for Shaun, he only hurt her endlessly.

She suddenly regretted it. She regretted that she realized it too late.

“I’m sorry, Wesley. I realize that I’ve made a mistake,” Catherine said bitterly, “I shouldn’t have approached Shaun again and dated him to get back a t him. I keep hurting you time and again, but I’ll never do it again.”

“You mean…?” Wesley looked up in astonishment. “In the past, I only thought of letting Shaun taste

the pain of being abandoned by his beloved.”

Catherine said bitterly, “But I didn’t know that the bond between Sarah and him can’t be broken by anyone. In fact, even if Sarah hadn’t hypnotized Shaun, he wouldn’t be able to break off his relationship with her. In the long run, we would be divorced anyway. Only now do I finally understand that Shaun and I divorced back then not because of the hypnosis but because he’s too deeply involved with Sarah. In this lifetime, Sarah will always be his heart’s first love.”

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