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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 892

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 892

Shaun was slightly stunned.

It was true that it had been years since he took on a lawsuit. If Thomas had not spoken in the hospital that day, he might not have chosen to go to court in person.

He had to say that Thomas’ words really pushed Catherine and him to the brink.

Deep in his heart, there was a strong flash of irritation and annoyance. However, when he thought about it carefully, he knew she had already cut off the last trace of love between them when she used Suzie to threaten him.

Since she did not know how to cherish him, why should he care?

“Enough, I know what I’m doing. Go out,” Shaun said coldly.

Hadley closed the door behind him and sighed. When he saw Eldest Young Master Hill and Catherine reconcile, he had hesitated on whether he should tell him about the truth of the children after

There’s no possibility of winning at all if he goes to court for Sarah.”

Harvey looked at Catherine in concern. He shared the same thoughts as Freya.

Catherine lowered her eyes. Her dark and thick lashes blocked the dim light in her eyes. “No matter how amazing Shaun is, he’s only the most powerful in the country. There will always be someone even more powerful in the world. As long as the other party is willing to come, I’m willing to spend any amount of money.”

“Actually… ” Harvey hesitated and said, “Shaun Hill once competed with the second-ranked lawyer in the world and the two were tied. At present, the number one lawyer in the world is over 6o years old and has retired for more than ten years. He won’t appear even if the richest person in the world asks him to.”

Catherine, “…”

Freya was speechless. “In other words, Shaun Hill is already the best in the world?”

“ Something like that. ” Harvey nodded helplessly.

Freya also suddenly fell silent. Shaun had taken on they got married.

However, it seemed there was no need now. Eldest Young Master Hill would always be unconditionally partial to Sarah. Even if he knew he loved Catherine, nothing would change. His protectiveness over Sarah was carved deep into his bones. It was better this way. Eldest Young Master Hill and Sarah should just harm each other instead of hurting Catherine. He really could not stand it anymore.

Hackett Institute.

In the past two days, Catherine was cooped up at home and watched dashcam videos until her eyes became blurry. Fortunately, Freya was there to help. However, it was so tiring that they barely slept.

In the afternoon, Harvey brought the relevant paperwork for Logan’s case. “The case has been scheduled for next Wednesday. The other party’s lawyer is Shaun Hill.”

“Shaun Hill?” Freya almost flipped the laptop in front of her. “He’s determined to fight against you, isn’t he? Everyone in the country knows that Shaun has never lost before. No matter how much evidence you find, he can spin the story around.

A lawsuit for Catherine to save her before, so Freya did not expect him to go against her to send her most trusted subordinate to prison.

“We can’t give up, ” Catherine said, “In the face of absolute evidence, any powerful lawyer has the possibility to win. Since he has never lost, I’ll let him have a taste of what it’s like to lose in a fight against me.”

Freya gave her a thumbs up. “You’re awesome!”

Harvey said, “Every lawyer who had gone to court against Shaun Hill said that too, but they were all utterly defeated.”

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