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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 891

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 891

“Of course, I can.” Suzie planted her hands on her small waist. “In this big manor, Uncle, Great- grandma, Great-grandpa, Grandma, and Granduncle all genuinely like me, but Grandpa, Grandaunt, and my Great-grandma, Great- grandpa, and uncles and aunts from my father’s side don’t like me.”

Shaun was startled and only reacted after a long time. “You mean your grandpa and your grandparents, aunts, and uncles from the Campos family don’t like you?”

“Yeah, when Daddy brought me to the Campos family, they all ignored me. Another big brother even bullied me. He was clearly in the wrong, but Grandpa told me to apologize to him.” Suzie lowered her head and clenched her little fists.

“I grew up with Mommy since I was little, so I’m very good at reading people’s expressions.”

Shaun’s heart clenched painfully, but he could not tell why. “Don’t go to the Campos family anymore. If you’re bored, come and find me.”

“No need. I don’t like Aunty Sarah, and I know she doesn’t like me either.” Suzie shook her head decisively and waved. “Bye-bye, Uncle.”

Then, she ran back into the house.

Shaun looked at her back for a long time and took out his phone to dial the personnel department. “ Let Liam continue to serve as the general manager of the company.”

The manager of the personnel department was speechless. “Does he still need to go to Country Y to build a factory?”

“No need. I’ll arrange for another person to go.”

Shaun sighed. Why did Liam have a daughter who could make Shaun so distressed? If Liam was forced to the lower ranks in the company, Suzie would be looked down on as his daughter. Shaun would not allow anyone to bully Suzie.

However… he did not expect that Mason Campos would dislike Suzie so much. Suzie was clearly his granddaughter. Which grandparent did not like their grandchildren? The people of the Campos family were too strange.

When he returned to his villa, Aunty Yasmine welcomed him with a smile. “Eldest Young Master

Hill, when will you bring Miss Jones back for a visit?”

Shaun’s frown deepened, but Aunty Yasmine did not notice and continued with a smile, “ I watched the news that day. You accompanied Miss Jones to Mount Wellington. You two have gotten back together, right? I’m really happy for you.”

“We broke up again,” Shaun said expressionlessly. Aunty Yasmine froze. “How…”

“Don’t mention her to me in the future, ” Shaun said and walked upstairs.

Aunty Yasmine looked at his back and sighed. Maybe it was good that they had not gotten back together. Miss Jones might suffer again if she stayed with the Eldest Young Master Hill.

After Shaun entered the study, he shut the door with a bang.

He lit a cigarette and remembered Suzie’s words. Did Catherine really not have the intention of using Suzie to threaten him? Would she really not harm Suzie?

A trace of confusion surfaced in his eyes.

Then, Hadley came in. “Eldest Young Master Hill, this is the information on Logan Law’s case.”

Shaun froze and suddenly remembered that he had decided to take over the lawsuit for Sarah. He had to hand in the relevant information.

This time, Catherine and he would meet in court.

Since she cared so much about Logan Law, he would personally send that man to jail and see how she would fight against him.

After all, the word ‘defeat’ did not exist in his dictionary.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, you haven’t taken on a lawsuit in many years. Why are you suddenly… With all due respect, no matter who wins this lawsuit, Miss Jones and you will become complete strangers at the end of it,” Hadley boldly said.

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