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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 890

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 890

“That won’t happen. I’ll take over the case myself, ” Shaun said in a low voice.

“That’s great. There’s no lawsuit that Shaunic can’t win.” Sarah raised her head and smiled at him.

At night, in the Hill family’s manor.

Shaun came back, though it was rare of him. Old Madam Hill did not feel comfortable after looking at him. “Has the sun risen from the west today? You actually have the time to come back? What’s that in your hand?”

“The newest Barbie doll. ” Shaun brought it over to Suzie who was having snacks. “I’m giving this to you, okay?”

He was not someone who would care about a child’s feelings, but Suzie’s words yesterday had hurt his heart. He could not sleep for the whole night.

He did not understand why he was so concerned about Liam’s daughter. It was really strange.

“No.” Suzie evaded him. She ran over to Old Madam Hill’s side and lowered her head.

Old Madam Hill glared at Shaun and snapped, “You transferred her dad to work at the lower ranks and made him a laughing stock, yet you still dare to come and please Suzie?”

“Liam told her that?” Shaun’s expression darkened.

“Absolutely not.” Suzie raised her head. She looked at him in fear, but she said loudly, “It was Granduncle and Grand aunty who were discussing this matter. What did my dad do wrong that you have to treat him like that?”

Shaun was at a loss for words. He could not tell her the truth. A child’s world was too pure.

“I know, it must be like what Aunty Sarah said. Uncle Shaun and my dad have different fathers, so Uncle Shaun doesn’t like my dad,” Suzie said aggrievedly with reddened eyes.

“Sarah said that to you?” Old Madam Hill’s expression changed instantly. “What kind of woman is she? How could she say that in front of a kid? She’s too much.”

“Granny…” Shaun looked awkward.

Old Madam Hill said sternly, “I heard you’ve been staying by Sarah’s side every day in the hospital recently. Did you not have a woman in your past life? She has already cheated on you. Everyone in Canberra is talking about it. Why are you so silly?”

Shaun put on a long face. He did not say a word.

Old Master Hill walked in with the support of his cane. “Stop talking. This grandson of yours can’t live without women anyway. Let him do whatever he wants. He’s the head of the Hill family now. It’s useless for anyone to say anything.”

“What else can I do? If you want to marry Sarah, both of you should just do it secretly overseas.

Don’t invite us. We won’t attend the wedding. It’s embarrassing,” Old Madam Hill said angrily.

“Forget it, I’m returning to my room.”

Shaun put the Barbie doll on the table before turning around to leave.

Just as he was about to walk up the stairs, he heard Suzie’s voice from behind. “Uncle Shaun, wait.”

“Suzie, I thought you didn’t like me anymore?” Shaun turned back. A hint of bitterness flashed across his eyes.

Suzie bit her lip, and her clear eyes were reddish. “I just want to tell you this. That day, Aunty Cathy didn’t kidnap me. Before I went over, Aunty Cathy had already explained everything to me. She said she wanted to save a friend as that friend was captured by you. She had no choice but to let you think that I was kidnapped. Only then would you let that uncle go.”

“You knew it from the start.” Shaun was shocked. He thought the innocent Suzie had been kept in the dark.

Suzie said seriously, “Mm, Dad said Uncle Logan is a good person too. He helped Aunty Cathy a lot in the past, so I wanted to help him. I’m sorry I lied to you.

“I just want to tell you that Aunty Cathy never hurt me. She never lied to me either. I like her a lot, and I’ll continue liking her in the future. Although I’m young, I still can differentiate who are the good people.”

Shaun was stupefied. “What can a little kid like you differentiate?”

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