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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 889

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 889

Liam clenched his fists and said discontentedly, “I can’t leave now. Suzie’s too young. You can let other people do this…”

“There are many people to take care of Suzie. Besides, you’re too close with that vicious woman, Catherine. I don’t feel reassured letting you raise Suzie. I don’t hope there’ll be another day when Suzie becomes a hostage again. She’s young and doesn’t know anything. You’re her father, yet you joined hands with someone else and used Suzie to threaten me. Have you ever thought if Catherine was being serious, Suzie might’ve died at any moment?”

Shaun glared at Liam. “I’m the head of the Hill family and Suzie is part of the Hill family. I have the right to decide everything related to you all.”

“You’re really a bossy and arrogant person. ” Liam was exasperated. “Why do you think so badly of Cathy? You falling in love with her really is her rotten luck.”

“Love?” Shaun sneered. “ Someone like her doesn’t deserve my love. I was blind back then. From now on, I don’t wish to see Suzie getting close to her.”

“I’m telling you, I won’t go to Country Y.” Liam shook his head. He could not leave Suzie alone in the manor. He had also promised Catherine he would protect Suzie and let them meet each other frequently.

“If you don’t want to go, then don’t be the general manager anymore. Go work at the lower ranks,” Shaun said coldly.

“Fine, you’re really ruthless.”

Liam felt hatred and humiliation raging inside his heart. He turned around and left with long strides.

When he reached the door, he halted and turned around. “Shaun, I consider Catherine as a good friend and I can trust her unconditionally. But you? She sleeps by your side every night, but your trust in her can’t even compare to mine.

“Not only that, even the police are investigating Logan’s case as per the standard procedure. You’re the only one who isn’t willing to give her a chance to prove her innocence. You’re too cruel. You’ll

regret this one day.”

After he spoke, he slammed the door and left without looking back.

In the office, Shaun pounded the table with his fist. His eyes looked dazed.

Was he cruel? Was she not the one who had forced him?

She even used Suzie to threaten him this time. She had completely triggered him.

He would never forgive her.

At that moment, his phone rang. Thomas was calling him from the hospital.

“Young Master Hill, when are you coming over? After you left in the morning, Sarah hasn’t eaten at all. She’s all listless. Usually, Young Master Snow would come over, but we can’t even see his shadow these few days.”

“I had some business in the company. I’ll come over immediately.”

Shaun quickly rushed to the hospital. When Sarah saw him, her spirits got better and she even ate some food. “By the way, Shaunic, I heard… Logan was sent to the police station.”

“Mm.” Shaun’s gaze sharpened. “The police have already filed a case. When the time comes, there’ll be a trial in court.”

“That’s good… ” Sarah gave a smile of relief. “After all, it’s not appropriate to give extralegal punishment. It’s better to hand this case over to the police.”

Thomas snapped, “But kidnapping cases like this will only receive a sentence of a few years in jail at most.”

“I believe he’ll repent wholeheartedly in jail. We should obey the law too, ” Sarah said with a sincere expression.

Thomas sighed. “You’re just too kind.”

Shaun lowered his gaze, looking at Sarah’s soft and fair petite face. He could not resist thinking of Catherine’s evil-looking face. He could not help but lament. Did he really love the wrong person?

He might not love Sarah anymore, but at least she was a kind person. However, he had hurt her again and again for the sake of someone like Catherine.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, you’ll be Sarah’s lawyer for her case, right?” Thomas suddenly said, “ I’m just worried Catherine will hire a skilled lawyer. It’ll be troublesome if Logan is acquitted.”

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