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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 887

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 887

Once Logan was sent to the police station, he would be hospitalized for treatment and interrogated again according to the standard procedure. Not only that, he would be in the police’s hands, so Shaun would be unable to teach Logan a lesson.

“I’ll make a police report too.” He walked down the stairs, pointing at Catherine. “This woman abducted my niece and intends to hurt her. Please investigate this matter immediately.”

“Alright, this lady and Mr. Hill, please follow us to the police station,” the police said.

Next, Logan was sent to the hospital in an ambulance. Catherine sat in the police car while Shaun followed behind in a sedan arranged by Liona.

Not long after arriving at the police station, Liam brought Suzie over.

“Hello, Mr. Police, ” Suzie greeted the police sweetly once she entered.

“Hi, little darling.” After pinching Suzie’s chubby cheeks, the police looked at Shaun puzzledly. “

Young Master Hill, didn’t you say your niece was kidnapped?”

Shaun stared at Liam icily. “What happened? Why i s Suzie with you? Where’s that man wearing a mask?”

“You mean Austin? He was playing with Suzie just now. ” Liam acted like he was confused and said, “ Brother, why did you say Suzie was kidnapped?”

“Liam, you conspired with Catherine to fool me! ” Shaun was infuriated. He grabbed Liam’s collar. “ Does someone like you even deserve to be Suzie’s father?”

“Aunty Cathy, what happened to your forehead?” Suzie’s voice rang out. She ran toward Catherine and became teary-eyed at the sight of her forehead.

“I injured it when I accidentally fell down. It’s okay.”

Catherine extended her hands, wanting to carry Suzie. However, Shaun acted quicker and carried her first. “You have no right to carry her. Get lost!”

It was the first time Suzie saw Shaun so furious. She was in a daze from shock. Then, she started to cry loudly. “I don’t like you being so angry at Aunty

Cathy! You’re so scary. I won’t like you anymore.”

“Suzie, you don’t understand. ” When Shaun heard the child’s cries, his heart was about to break from the pain.

“I know! You’re the one who caused the injury on Aunty Cathy’s forehead, right? You’re too cruel. Go away!” Suzie kept hitting his shoulders.

When Liam saw Shaun’s awful expression, he was worried that Shaun might hurt Suzie. He immediately took Suzie away from Shaun’s embrace.

“Daddy, let’s leave with Aunty Cathy. ” Suzie freed one of her hands to grab Catherine.

“Okay, let’s go. ” Catherine patted Suzie’s head. She then left the police station with Liam.

Shaun looked at them from behind. They were like a family of three.

His heart was hurting to the point of suffocating him. Why did Suzie misunderstand him? He wanted to save her, yet she could not recognize his kindness and said she would not like him anymore.


It seemed that everyone did not like him.

Catherine had also asked why he was not locked up in the mental hospital and why he was not dead.

Was he that hateful?

A wave of hostility surged within him. He looked like a volcano that was about to erupt. Nobody dared to approach him.

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