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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 886

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 886

“Do you want to call Suzie to ask where she is now?” Catherine raised her eyebrows and reminded Shaun.

Shaun’s heart shuddered. He found Suzie’s number and dialed it in a hurry, but she could not be reached.

“What did you do to Suzie?” His eyes were full of murderous intent as if he was about to kill her.

“I can allow you to have a video call with her for a while, but you have to ask someone to return my phone to me.” Catherine extended her hand toward him.

Shaun immediately had someone bring her phone over. Catherine called Austin. A man wearing a mask appeared on the screen. “Miss…”

“Let him see the child,” Catherine ordered. Soon, Austin gave the phone to Suzie.

“Uncle Shaun…” Suzie raised her head with a bright smile. Shaun looked at the background. He noticed it was not Hackett Institute but a completely unknown place.

“Suzie, why didn’t you go to school today?” he asked hurriedly.

“Aunty Cathy said she’s bringing me to play today. She asked this uncle to pick me up. Uncle Shaun, can you ask Aunty Cathy when she’s coming over?” Suzie said naively, “I’m very bored.”

“Suzie, do you know where you are?” “No, this is my first time here— ”

“Little kid, it’s time to return the phone to uncle. ” Austin snatched the phone. Then, he looked into the camera with a smile. “Miss, come back quickly. The little brat needs you. I’ve never raised a kid before, so I don’t have much patience.”

He hung up after he said that.

Shaun threw the phone at Catherine. “B*tch,

you’re even going as far as to harm a child who has complete trust in you! Are you still human? I must’ve been blind to have fallen in love with you. ”

The phone hit Catherine’s forehead hard. At that moment, her head was buzzing from the pain and she almost fainted. She barely stood on her feet.

She touched her forehead, and only then did she realize that her forehead was badly swollen.

“Didn’t you say I’m vicious? Since I’m such a vicious person, if you don’t let us out within ten minutes, I can’t promise you that Suzie will be fine,” Catherine threatened Shaun coldly.

“You dare threaten me?” Shaun’s towering figure approached her step by step. His handsome face was full of murderous intent.

“Would you like to try?” Catherine reminded him with a smile, “Have you forgotten how much Suzie likes you and how adorable she is when she smiles?”

Shaun’s body went still. A hint of red flashed across his eyes. Somehow, when he thought about how he could not meet that little girl anymore, he felt like someone was yanking his heart away.

“Catherine Jones, my gravest mistake in this life is having fallen in love with you. Get lost! Take your man and get lost!” Shaun roared at her in contempt, “But let me tell you this, after walking out of this door, I have 10,000 ways to make your lives a living hell.”

“Have you not made my life a living hell many times already? Another time won’t make a difference.”

Catherine helped Logan, who had blood all over him, up and walked out of the basement step by step.

The members of Liona surrounded them, but Catherine turned a blind eye to them. When she helped Logan walk out of Liona, the police arrived.

“I received a police report an hour ago. Who was the one who made the report… ” When the police came and saw the scene, they had a headache. After all, Liona was an existence that they did not dare to offend.

“I was the one who called the police, ” Catherine said, raising her hand. “A while back, Ms. Sarah Langley Neeson got kidnapped. When Shaun went to save her, he saw this man beside me in the cave with Ms. Neeson. He concluded that this man was the kidnapper himself, so I called the police. After all, everybody has to be interrogated and given judgment by the police to be convicted, right?”

“You’re right, and you’ve done the right thing.” The police nodded. He glanced at Logan who was covered in blood. He warned, “Nobody should ever give extralegal punishment to another. If not, won’t the world be in chaos?”

Shaun’s expression darkened from anger. He never expected Catherine to be so cunning. She actually called the police beforehand!

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