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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 885

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 885

Shaun’s expression changed. He stared at Catherine without budging.

Catherine’s eyes were like stagnant lake water— calm without any ripples.

“What he said is right. If we were officially dating before, then I’m saying this formally. Shaun, let’s break up. It’s impossible for me to be with you anymore. It’ll never be possible again. Therefore, it’s not important whether you forgive me or not.”

Shaun looked at the woman in front of him who had a calm, determined expression. His strong heart shuddered hard.

A sense of indescribable helplessness shrouded him.

Catherine was so close to him at that moment, yet i t was as if there were mountains and rivers between them.

No one would know that he had never thought of breaking up. Even when Rodney kneeled in front of him… Even when he knew she was the one who instructed Logan, he wanted to use Logan as a

scapegoat. As long as she turned over a new leaf, he would forgive her.

“Don’t you dare.”

After a long while, he spoke with a hoarse voice.

“ Shaun, you should never have chopped his finger. Catherine’s eyes were filled with contempt. “He’s my family. I treat him as my brother. Have you ever thought of what it feels like to have your family member get their finger chopped off? A broken

bone or a flesh wound can heal.

“However, a finger can never grow back! You’re a ruthless demon and a despicable person. Someone like you should just be together with Sarah for the rest of your life! ”

“In your dreams!” Shaun yelled at her like a madman. “Even if I marry Sarah, you’ll still have to be my woman. If you want me to let you go, there’s no chance unless I die.”

“Then you can go and die. A despicable scumbag like you don’t deserve to live in this world anyway, ” Catherine started yelling, “The Hill family did the right thing before. It’s only right for someone like you to be locked up in the mental hospital and stay in there forever. Why did you come out? Why didn’t

you die in there?!”

The cold space in the basement suddenly went silent.

Shaun stared at Catherine. His bloodshot eyes were glinting with tears. His handsome face was contorted, making him look crazy.

He never thought there would come a day when the woman he loved would curse him like that.

She was so vicious that she wished for his death.

He felt like his heart was being forcefully torn into “Do you dare say it another time?” He walked toward her step by step like a desperate madman.

“Did I say anything wrong? I said Logan was wrongly accused and he was framed by someone else. Why didn’t you investigate it properly?! Ever since I got together with you, you would ask me to reflect on myself every now and again and apologize to Sarah. I didn’t even do a f*cking thing. Stop saying that you love me, I beg you. Stay away from me in the future. I can’t afford to offend you, Young Master Hill!”

Catherine helped Logan up.

“What are you trying to do?” Shaun gave her a sarcastic stare. “If you want to take him away, dream on! Catherine Jones, you should just stay here forever. When you come to me and beg me to have sex with you, maybe I can let you out to see the sun outside.”

Catherine laughed. “Since I dared to come, then I surely have the confidence to go out. Shaun, why don’t you find out which of your family members is missing?”

Shaun’s expression darkened. “What did you do?”

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