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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 884

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 884

“All these… must be connected to Sarah. But… what’s scarier is the person hiding behind Sarah. ”

Logan struggled and said, “He’s already… targeting us.”

Catherine shuddered. “Did you tell Shaun about this?”

“ I did, but… they think I’m lying.” Logan laughed bitterly. “Boss, you… You have a bad eye. I’m even… stronger than him.”

“ I’m sorry. Can you stand it?” Catherine looked at him worriedly.

“The most agonizing thing… is the withdrawal symptoms.” Logan was gasping. “But… the pain in my body helps me stay awake and control… myself. Besides, death… is nothing. I owe you my life anyway.”

“Don’t say any more. I’ll get you out of here.”

Catherine held his hands and swore with reddened eyes.

The metal doors suddenly opened. Shaun stood at the door. When he saw both of their hands tightly clasped together, hostility flashed across his eyes.

“Looks like not only do you not want your finger, but you don’t even want your hand anymore.”

Shaun walked over in long strides. He yanked Catherine away and stomped on the back of Logan’s hand hard.

“ Stop it!” Catherine could not tolerate it anymore and punched Shaun.

Shaun was caught off guard and staggered

backward after getting hit. He felt his blood boiling i n his chest. However, the pain he felt was incomparable to the pain in his heart.

“You actually hit me for another man’s sake! ” Shaun stared at Catherine angrily like a lion that was about to go on a rampage. “Since you care about him that much, I’ll kill him.”

“Shaun, if you dare kill him, I’ll die right in front of you,” Catherine threatened him furiously.

“You love him?” Shaun’s gaze was like a demon’s gaze.

“I don’t love him, but he’s an important family member of mine.” Catherine raised her reddened

eyes. “In those two years, Freya and I had gone through many hardships when we were overseas. If it weren’t for Logan’s protection, I would’ve been dead already. I saved him before, and I asked him to protect me by my side for ten years. In these ten years, I can’t let him die.”

Shaun’s gaze turned better, but it was still awful. “If so, why were you grabbing his hand just now?

You’re my woman. I don’t allow you to hold any other man’s hand.”

“I’m your woman? ” Catherine chuckled, but her smile looked more awful than someone who was crying. “Forget it. I was never your woman from the start. It’s Sarah. I won’t have that sort of fantasy anymore.”

Shaun’s expression changed. “Enough. If you hadn’t hurt Sarah, I wouldn’t be treating you this way. You’re the one who’s in the wrong. You’ve never once put yourself in my shoes. I even suspect … you only got in a relationship with me in order to get revenge on Sarah and me.”

“Yes, I am getting revenge on you. I served you until you were satisfied every night.” Catherine laughed bitterly. “ I never wanted your protection nor your wealth. I even cooked for you and warmed your bed. Eldest Young Master Hill, tell me, where can you find a woman like me?”

Shaun was speechless from her words, but what he felt more was regret. “As long as you sincerely repent, beg for Sarah’s forgiveness, and apologize, I can forgive you.”

“Haha.” Logan, who was sprawled on the floor, suddenly laughed. “Boss, this is the man you fell in love with? What pile of trash is he?”

“Looks like I’ve been going easy on you these days.” Shaun narrowed his eyes scarily.

Catherine’s pretty face was expressionless. “Shaun, you don’t need to forgive me anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Shaun was taken aback.

“What does she mean? Don’t you understand it yet?” Logan laughed sarcastically. “ It means that she… doesn’t need to be with you anymore. Do you think you’re the… only man in the world?”

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