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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 883

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 883

Shaun’s heart shuddered. He narrowed his eyes. “ What do you mean?”

“ I’m just thinking, Eldest Young Master Hill, how would you feel if someone chopped your family member’s finger off?” Elle smiled bitterly. She bent over to pick up the finger on the floor and went to the hospital with it.

Shaun stood on the spot, unmoving.

Summer was nearing, yet he felt his insides turning cold.

No, it could not be. He was just a bodyguard.

Besides, he had to teach Catherine a lesson. If not, he could not give Sarah an explanation.

In the basement.

Catherine was brought in. After the door opened, she immediately smelled blood. Then, she saw that Logan had been thrown to the floor like a sack. He had already lost consciousness.

His face, which used to be arrogant and unyielding, was heavily wounded. His whole body was covered with wounds caused by a whip.

She swept a glance over his whole body. Finally, her gaze set on his hand. Her pupils shrank.

“His finger…”

“Young Master Hill chopped it off just now, ” a member of Liona said. After that, he locked the door and left.

Just now…

Catherine’s mind exploded.

Just now, Shaun was here when she was waiting outside…

She clenched her fists until her fingernails dug into her flesh.

How could a person be so ruthless?

It was too cruel! He was not human at all!

A teardrop fell from her eye. At that moment, her eyes were devoid of warmth and were filled only with hatred.

“Logan… Logan.” She called out his name softly. No one knew how important Logan was to her.

He was only younger than her by two years. She had started treating him as her brother long ago.

“Boss…” Logan struggled to open his eyes. “Why are you here? Shaun… Shaun locked you up too?

That… b*stard.”

“I… I have a way to get out of here, ” Catherine said with reddened eyes, “But your finger…”

“It’s okay. Isn’t… Isn’t it just a finger?” Logan sucked in a breath from the pain. After a moment, his body started convulsing while his eyes rolled back.

“What’s wrong with you?” Catherine was utterly shocked.

“I… I was injected with drugs. ” Logan panted with huge breaths.

“Was it Shaun who did this?” Catherine asked with a trembling voice.

“No… It wasn’t him. ” Logan pounded the ground with his fists in agony. “Some time ago, I was hiding… as per your orders. I was cautious, but I never expected that the food delivery guy would drug my food. When I woke up… I was already thrown in the cave.

“Sarah was at the side too. I started having withdrawal symptoms at that time. I could not control myself at all. After that… Shaun and the rest came. It was a scheme.”

Catherine was horrified. She knew that someone was trying to frame them. However, according to Logan’s words, it was as if someone had monitored all of Logan’s and her movements.

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