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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 882

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 882

Although they were a distance away, Catherine could sense that Shaun was in a very bad mood. Even his eyes were filled with hostility.

When she remembered that he had come from the hospital, she knew that b*tch, Sarah, did something to sow discord between them again.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, Miss Jones said she wants to meet Logan, ” Chance stepped forward and said.

Shaun’s thin lips lifted in a sneer. “You can meet him, but you won’t ever come out again after going in. What do you think?”

Catherine’s brows were knitted together in a tight frown. “Shaun, I’m here because I sincerely want to have a peaceful talk with you. Do we have to make things like this between us?”

“Do you think I’m willing to? You’re the one who forced me.” Shaun’s chest was full of hostility. It made his tone become filled with annoyance as well.

“Catherine, did you think about my feelings when you pressed a gun against me? You did such an awful thing to Sarah too. You want to destroy her, and even drive her to death. You fit the description of being the most vicious person.”

Catherine took a deep breath.

Her initially calm heart was enraged by his words in an instant.

Catherine smiled pitifully. “The reason I want to meet Logan is to understand what happened on

that day. Shaun, even a prisoner on death row will be sent to court, interrogated, and investigated by the police many times over. What right do you have to determine right away that I was the one who instructed Logan? Have you even given me a chance to justify myself? If you don’t believe me, you can stand at the side later.”

Shaun sneered, “ Okay, I’ll let you meet him. But don’t think of coming out for now.”

After he spoke, he turned his head heartlessly and said to Chance, “Bring her to the basement.”

“Eldest Young Master Hill.” Elle was worried.

“Shut up! It’s good enough that I’m not sending her to the police station. This is a lesson for her. ” Shaun stared at Catherine coldly. “Stay inside there and reflect on yourself. Think about what you did

wrong, keep your vicious thoughts away, and don’t target Sarah or hate her anymore. I may consider letting you out then.”

He turned around after he spoke and turned to the window.

Catherine looked at his silhouette from behind. It was merciless and indifferent.

This was the man she had once loved so deeply. This was the man she was still attracted to even after she returned.

However, at that moment, her heart grew utterly cold. She could no longer feel attracted to him.

Chance walked over. She did not resist and let him bring her away.

Shaun only turned back after her back was toward him. As he looked at her silhouette from behind, there was agony swirling in his eyes.

“Eldest Young Master Hill…” Elle kneeled on the ground with a thump. “Eldest Young Master Hill, I don’t think Miss Jones is an evil person— ”

Shaun shot her an icy glare before she could finish her sentence. “ Elle, you’ re the same as Yael. You both made the same mistake. You’re both members of Liona, yet you let your feelings interfere in your actions.”

“ I understand. That was why Eldest Young Master Hill transferred me away that year.”

Elle smiled bitterly. “However, I was protecting Miss Jones by her side as you had ordered back then. She really isn’t an evil person. Eldest Young Master Hill, I’m doing this for your sake too. You finally managed to get back together with her. If you’re too ruthless and cut off the only bit of feelings you have for her, there’ll be no future for the both of you after this.”

“Do you think I want to do this? Did she ever think about my feelings when she did those things? She clearly knows Sarah is my benefactor. I already owe Sarah a lot, yet she keeps forcing me. Maybe… she has never loved me at all.” Shaun laughed miserably.

During those days, maybe he had even looked like a fool to her.

“By the way, send this to the hospital.” Shaun raised his hand and threw a bag in his hand to Elle.

Elle took a look. Her expression changed instantly. “ This is…”

“Logan’s finger. It’s my explanation to Sarah,” Shaun said. Before he came in, he had already gone to the basement.

Elle opened her mouth and said hesitantly, “When I met Miss Jones at the door, she had said that although Logan is her bodyguard, she treats him as her family.”

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