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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 881

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 881

Not long after Shaun left, Sarah, who was on the bed, opened her eyes.

“Sarah, you’re incredible.” Thomas gave her a thumbs up. He whispered, “Say, how angry will Catherine be if she knows her most important subordinate is getting his finger chopped off?”

Sarah squinted her eyes. How angry will Catherine be?

According to the information she got, that person was Catherine’s subordinate, but Catherine treated him like family.

Catherine cherished feelings more than anything. How angry would she be if her family member’s finger got cut off?

Shaun could never be together with Catherine in this lifetime.

At Liona, after Catherine parked her car, she walked toward the main door.

When the person at the door saw her, he immediately went in to report it.

A few minutes later, Elle brought some people with her and came over. When she saw Catherine, she was stunned. “Young Madam—”

“Don’t call me ‘Young Madam’ anymore. I haven’t been one since a long time ago.” Catherine looked a t her with a smile.

They had not seen each other in three years. Elle’s skin had gotten tanner. It was apparent that she was transferred to a place that was not so good.

“Elle, long time no see. How have you been doing these years?”

“Mm, I just got transferred back here a few days ago.” Hearing Catherine’s voice which was full of concern, Elle said bitterly, “My days were just normal, but I know they weren’t as tough compared to yours.”

She had witnessed Eldest Young Master Hill’s cruelty toward Catherine. Unfortunately, she could not be of any help as she was a subordinate.

“Miss Jones, please go back while Eldest Young Master Hill isn’t here. It’s not worth it for a bodyguard, ” Elle advised Catherine in a hurry.

Catherine said bitterly, “Bodyguards are humans too. Not to mention, he’s not just a bodyguard to me but an important family member too. As long as someone is sincere and loyal to me, I’ll protect them with all my might as their superior.”

Elle was taken aback. “You’re still the same as before. But… I’m worried that you may not be able to go out once you step in here. Eldest Young Master Hill is really furious this time.”

“Since I’ve already come, I won’t back down.” Catherine walked inside with a straight back.

Chance appeared and invited her to the lobby. “ Miss Jones, please sit here to wait for Eldest Young Master Hill.”

Eldest Young Master Hill and Catherine’s relationship was too complicated. As subordinates, they did not dare to do anything to Catherine.

After all, if both of them made up again in the future, things would be difficult for them.

“Can I go see Logan? I didn’t bring anything with me today. I won’t be able to take him away, ”

Catherine explained.

“I’m sorry. We need Eldest Young Master Hill’s approval.” Chance rejected her straight away.

Catherine did not say another word. There was someone guarding the door. She could not go anywhere.

20 minutes later, Shaun’s towering figure entered. He wore a black shirt and a pair of long black pants. The handsome, hard outline of his face looked fierce.

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