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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 879

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 879

“Go pick Suzie up in the morning. Bring her to play for the whole day.” Catherine assigned him a task.

“Just like that?” Austin was stunned.

“Yes. Don’t let anybody recognize you except Suzie.”


6:30 a.m.

When Catherine was on the way to Liona, she called Shaun.

“You’re finally contacting me.” Shaun’s cold, hoarse laugh could be heard. “I thought you didn’t want your lackey anymore.”

“I want to meet Logan. I’ll arrive at Liona in 40 minutes,” Catherine said.

“Are you dreaming? What right do you have to make a deal with me?” Shaun said harshly, “ Catherine, I’ve underestimated you. You went to the Snow family to drive a wedge between them.

You’ve screwed Rodney over badly. I can’t even contact him up till now. He’s been locked up by the Snow family.”

“I didn’t expect Elder Snow to be so efficient.” Catherine grinned. This was the only good news she heard in two days.

“So it was you, ” Shaun said coldly, “You had someone kidnap Sarah and then looked for the Snow family to deal with Rodney. I’ve never seen such a despicable, vicious woman like you.”

Catherine chuckled. Of course, he had never seen one because his eyes were blind.

“Why are you laughing?” Shaun was annoyed by her chuckle.

“Come over here. I want to meet you. ” The tone of her voice was very low as if it was a whisper between lovers.

Shaun’s mind wandered for a moment. When they were dating back then, she had never used such a tone to talk before.

His thin lips moved. Just as he was about to say something, the caregiver came over in a hurry and said, “Eldest Young Master Hill, Ms. Neeson has woken up.”

He hung up immediately and rushed to the ward.

In the car, Catherine looked at the call that ended. The corners of her lips lifted.

Shaun was really concerned about Sarah. Not only had he stayed by her side the whole night, but he even immediately hung up when she woke up. His eyes and heart were filled with that woman only.

She suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion.

Catherine had previously planned to let Shaun fall in love with her again. She wanted to let Sarah taste the feeling of having the person she cared about the most snatched away from her. Then, she would dump Shaun to let him feel the pain she felt before.

She thought she was about to succeed. However, she realized all her efforts were quite hilarious.

What did it matter that the man said he loved her? She could never beat Sarah. Maybe Sarah could satisfy his body’s needs. There was no space for her in between them both.

She suddenly felt like all her hard work before was meaningless.

She wanted to get revenge on them, but she had made herself miserable instead.

In the ward.

Sarah opened her eyes weakly. “I’m still alive. Why… am I not dead?”

“Sarah, stop talking nonsense.” Shaun consoled her in a low voice.

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