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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 877

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 877

Tyler stepped forward. He said humbly, “Young Master Hill, Master Ziegler, Snowden, and Liona have always minded our own business. I’d advise you to not meddle in the internal affairs of the Snow family.”

“The Snow family allows the members of Snowden t o beat up their grandchild?” Shaun found it unbelievable.

Rodney, who was beaten up until his ribs almost broke, said angrily, “It was Catherine who tattled to my grandpa. She’s trying to drive a wedge between us.”

A trace of anger flashed across Shaun’s eyes. That woman was so cunning and despicable.

Tyler said indifferently, “Old Master Snow has given his orders. If Young Master Snow resists, we can beat him up however we want. This is to prevent him from causing trouble everywhere and embarrassing the Snow family.”

“My grandpa must’ve gone crazy…” Just as Rodney finished scolding his grandfather, someone punched him in the stomach from behind.

“The crazy one is you, ” Tyler reminded coldly, “ Second Master Snow’s election is around the corner. Everyone in the Snow family is being careful right now and making plans for the sake of Second

Master Snow’s campaign. You’re the only one who’s always loafing around and obsessing over a woman every day. Old Master Snow asked you to return to get back to your senses.”

After Tyler spoke, he waved his hand. The members of Snowden immediately threw Rodney into the car.

“Young Master Hill, I’ll be taking my leave now.” Tyler turned and left.

Chance looked at Shaun’s awful expression. “Young Master Hill…”

“No need to go after them. This is indeed the Snow family’s matter. If I forcibly intervene, Liona and Snowden might get into a fight today.” Shaun shook his head.

The Snow family was not one of the top three families in Australia.

However, only Shaun knew about the power the Snow family had behind the scenes. The Snow family had been forbearing in order to support Nathan in obtaining the seat of the prime minister.

Therefore, they had always kept a low profile in the business world.

Nevertheless, if they were to confront each other, Liona might not necessarily win against Snowden.

It was just that he never expected Catherine to drive a wedge until the Snow family would raise a hand against their precious Rodney.

What on earth did she do?

Was that woman insisting on going against him?

Catherine went to Wesley’s villa straight away.

As there were reporters who took pictures of her and Logan last time, she did not dare to meet Wesley in public.

“Cathy, you look like you really need some rest.” Wesley served her a plate of pasta. “I’m guessing you haven’t had a proper meal after knowing Logan is in trouble.”

“You’re right, I am hungry. I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t mention it.”

Catherine looked at the piping hot plate of pasta. It felt like something was blocking her throat.

Whenever she felt helpless, Shaun, the man who said he loved her, kept hurting her. Wesley was the only one who gave her warmth. He was like a harbor where she could hide from the wind.

She quickly ate the pasta.

“Eat slowly. ” Wesley poured a glass of warm milk for her. “I know Logan is important to you. He’s loyal.”

“That’s right. I have to save him. It’ll only be more dangerous with each passing day if he stays at Liona. Shaun and the rest will surely torture him. H e may not even get through tonight.” Catherine tightened her grip on the fork.

“I’ll help you, ” Wesley suddenly said. Catherine was stunned.

Wesley lowered his head and said, “Actually, I have some personal connections with Charlie after working in Canberra all these years. He’s always wanted the formulas of our company’s best-selling supplements. I can make a deal with them and have the Campos family save Logan.”

“No.” Catherine shook her head in a hurry. “ If you give those formulas to the Campos family, your company’s profits will be cut in half. Besides, a huge corporation like Campos Corporation won’t even give your company a chance to survive.”

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