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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 875

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 875

Upon realizing that they had caused quite a commotion, Joel said, “It’s already late. We’ll leave first.”

“You’re leaving just like that? Why don’t you stay and have coffee with us?” Jason rose to his feet.

“No, we’re going to investigate the matter regarding Catherine’s bodyguard to find out who’s secretly framing Cathy. We must find out the truth.” Joel waved his hand before he left with Catherine.

After they left, Old Master Snow asked with a deep voice, “Do you think what Joel and his daughter said is true?”

Jason frowned. “I think… Catherine was telling the truth. Also, Joel is a gentleman.”

“Yeah.” Wendy nodded as well. “Otherwise, Joel wouldn’t have been cuckolded by Nicola who had been having an affair with Damien for over ten years. Besides that, I’ve been fond of Catherine and Freya since the last time I met them. They’re unlike those people who have bad intentions. Well,

onlookers see most of the game. Rodney and Shaun are both involved in the situation, so they’re not clear about it. They claim that Catherine kidnapped Sarah, but when you think about it carefully, the incident is questionable.”

“I suspect that Sarah was the one who staged the kidnapping incident by herself,” Jessica suddenly said, “By the look of things, Sarah is even hoping to marry Shaun. According to the recent news, Shaun and Catherine have gotten back together, so it’s possible that Sarah is framing Catherine out of anxiety.”

Everyone glanced at Jessica in astonishment for half a second. Then, Old Master Snow nodded. “ That’s likely.”

Nathan began to look impatient. “Anyhow, you guys must teach Rodney a lesson. Luckily, it was the Yule family who came. If it were other families, they might expose our family for bullying others and disregarding the law. You guys know full well that we’ve spent more than ten years preparing for next year’s election.”

Old Master Snow hit the arm of the chair before he lifted his head. “Ask members of Snowden to bring Rodney back. Don’t allow him to go anywhere during this period.”

“Dad, if Rodney doesn’t listen…”

“Beat him up immediately,” Old Master Snow responded nonchalantly, “You can beat him anywhere, except for his head. He’s stupid enough. If you hit his head, he might become even more stupid. His life will be in shambles then.”

Everyone else in the Snow family was at a loss for words.

Old Master Snow actually had a point.

After the black Bentley left the Snow family’s villa, Joel comforted Catherine, saying, “Don’t worry.

The Snow family will deal with Rodney. Nathan and I used to be classmates, and what’s more, the Snow family are reasonable people.”

Catherine was surprised. “Dad, you and Nathan were classmates?”

“Mm. Nathan is a shrewd person. The other candidates who are running for prime minister can’t compete with him. As a brilliant figure in the Snow family, Nathan will soar in the sky sooner or later. So… let’s not offend them or have a falling- out with them,” Joel reminded her cautiously.

“Okay…” Catherine rubbed her forehead upon hearing this. “If that’s the case, I mustn’t let Sarah marry Rodney. If Nathan ends up being the prime minister, Sarah will act even more unscrupulously.”

“Don’t worry. You’ve already exposed Sarah’s true colors today. If Rodney dares marry Sarah, he’ll be kicked out of the Snow family.”

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