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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 871

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 871

Rodney had once destroyed the Snow family’s reputation previously, but that had to do with his private life. If he made a move against Catherine this time, it would most probably cause everyone to boycott the Snow family for the election next year.

“If you plan to arrest me, you’d better have evidence first, ” Catherine said nonchalantly. With that, she turned around to leave.

“Hold on. You’re leaving, but have you asked me?” Shaun approached her with a stony expression. “ Did I say you can leave?”

Rodney’s eyes lit up. “Shaun, seize her and send her to Liona to torture her.”

“You’re planning to seize me, huh?”

Catherine looked into Shaun’s eyes, her gaze revealing a rare look of grimness.

His heart tightened in an instant. Suddenly, he had no idea what to say.

He knew if he did it, the conflict between them would intensify. However, now that she had done

such a wicked thing, could he actually pretend that nothing had happened?

“Shaun, why are you hesitating?” Rodney thundered, “Have you forgotten that Sarah nearly lost her life? Have you forgotten the look of despair on her face when she wanted to kill herself?”

Catherine was dazed. Sarah actually tried to kill herself. Indeed, she had acted ruthlessly this time.

“You, come to Liona with me.” Shaun’s eyes showed a sense of astonishment. Then, he extended his hand to grab Catherine.

Before he could approach the woman in front of her, she took out a gun and jabbed him with it.

He froze to the spot with a look of incredulity in his eyes. It was unclear whether he was shocked because she had a gun or because she was jabbing him with it.

“ I won’t come with you. If you dare take me away forcefully, I’ll have no choice but to shoot you.”

Catherine’s gaze was unusually calm. He felt as if she would really shoot him if he insisted on taking her away.

Grief overcame Shaun deep down. He said with a hoarse voice, “How dare you have the thought of shooting me?”

“Should I be awaiting my fate by letting you seize m e instead?” Catherine snorted. “I didn’t do it, so why should I let myself be tortured in Liona?

Shaun, I’m doing this out of self-defense. You might think that I’m hurting you by pointing the gun at you, but what about you? You’re trying to seize me, so aren’t you hurting me as well? Since you can bring yourself to hurt me without a second thought, why can’t I?”

She raised the gun a little and aimed at his leg. “You can try and make a move. Just give it a try.”

“If you dare shoot me, you’ll be in jail,” Shaun warned severely.

“ If you dare move, you’ll be crippled, ” Catherine gave him a reminder without compromising.

Shaun clenched his fists tightly. His eyes were filled with fury, guilt, sorrow, and despair.

However, Catherine did not seem to notice it. She walked backward until she entered the elevator.

Only after the elevator went up did her tense heart begin to relax.

Nobody knew that she had gone through too many things. Ever since she returned, she had placed a gun in her car just in case. After all, who knew

whether Sarah and Shaun would want to kill her the next minute?

Even so, she had not planned on firing just now. It was because she would go to jail if she did.

Having said that, Catherine could not have him send her to Liona. It filled her with dread. Three years ago, Shaun sent her to a mental hospital and nearly made her go insane. Three years later, who knew what consequences she would suffer in his clutches?

Also, who would save Logan if she was taken away? Luckily, she guessed it right. Shaun did not go after her anymore.

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