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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 870

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 870

Shaun remained silent, but he clearly agreed with Rodney.

As Catherine watched the glow in Shaun’s eyes dim little by little, her heart was overwhelmed with sarcasm. She mocked herself for being touched by his words 24 hours ago.

After going through so many hardships, had it still not hit her that this man was a liar?

When he wanted her, he could say everything.

“Shaun, I just want to ask you one thing. What can I do so that you’ll let Logan go?” Catherine asked in a low voice.

“Let him go?” Rodney reacted as if he had heard a joke. “Are you dreaming? He hurt Sarah. People like him should be tortured to death. By the way, why are you so worried about someone who works for you? Could it be that you’re having an affair with him?”

“Watch your mouth.”

As soon as Catherine warned Rodney severely, she could clearly sense the sudden fury in Shaun’s frosty eyes.

Deep down, she was cursing Rodney. She even hoped that he would not have any descendants nor get together with the woman he loved.

“I can let him go,” Shaun enunciated each word sourly, “When he dies, I’ll pour his ashes into the toilet.”

“Shaun, Logan and I are innocent. You’d rather believe Rodney’s words than mine despite sharing a bed with me. I finally understand it now.” Catherine lowered her eyes, her eyelashes hiding the glint in her eyes.

Shaun was heartbroken at the sight of her expression. Was she under the impression that he wanted to behave this way? It was all because of her insistence on saving Logan.

“Catherine Jones, you’ve let me down. I never thought… you’d be so wicked.”

Rodney had said this to her many times before but she never cared about it. However, when the same thing came out of Shaun’s mouth, she could not help but give a faint smile.

Her eyes even reddened.

He was calling her wicked?

After three years, he was still as blind as ever. He still failed to see Sarah’s true colors.

“How dare you still smile at this point?! ” Rodney yelled in anger.

“It’s funny.” Catherine wiped the moist corners of her eyes before she turned around and walked toward the elevator.

“Stop.” Rodney immediately asked his subordinates to surround her. “Where are you planning to go?”

“Why? Are you planning to seize me on your own?” A stony look flashed across Catherine’s eyes. “You guys aren’t the ones in charge of Australia now. You claim that I kidnapped Sarah, but do you have evidence? Just because you caught someone I know, you’re certain that it was my doing. Did the person you caught mention that I was the one who instructed him to do it?”

Stung by her criticisms, Rodney was so exasperated that he widened his eyes. “I don’t care! Whether or not you admit it, you just can’t leave today.”

“Well, Young Master Snow, this means that you’re kidnapping me by force.” Catherine approached

him suddenly. “May I know whether you’re a police officer?”


“You’re not. Your uncle is going to run for prime minister next year. Do you think you can act unscrupulously and catch anyone at random? Now, you’re trying to lay your hands on the chairwoman o f a listed company. What’s more, I’m the daughter of Joel Yule, one of the top ten most brilliant figures in Australia.”

Catherine’s eyes flashed with fierceness. “Young Master Snow, your uncle has quite a number of competitors now. Everyone in the Snow family has been behaving cautiously for the sake of the election next year, yet you’re only dragging your uncle down. Are you sure you want to spoil your family’s reputation and become the one to blame?”

“You…” Rodney’s veins bulged in a fit of fury. He felt an overwhelming urge to strangle her.

Nevertheless, what she said was true. He knew full well how important his uncle’s election next year was.

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