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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 866

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 866

As soon as Sarah finished speaking, she closed her eyes as if she was dead.

“ Sarah!” Shaun screamed anxiously. He placed his hand by her nose and noticed that she was still breathing shallowly.

“Chester, come and save her at once!” Distraught, Shaun roared at Chester.

On the other hand, Rodney was so furious that his eyes reddened. “Chester, you must save her, please.”

“I will.”

Chester promptly asked Shaun to lay Sarah on the ground. Fortunately, he had brought along a first aid kit this morning.

After he spent over ten minutes treating Sarah, she let out a moan in an unconscious state. She still remained unconscious.

“ I’ve tried my best. Although she’s out of danger for now, she needs to be sent to the hospital as soon as possible, or she’ll suffer from a shock in the brain, ” Chester said in a deep voice.

“Alright. I’ll send her to the hospital right now.”

Shaun swiftly carried Sarah and ran toward his car. After he found his car, he raced to the hospital as fast as lightning.

After emergency treatment, Sarah was finally rescued.

Shaun leaned on the chair, and his hands were full o f blood. The weariness he felt was indescribable.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, the kidnapper is being locked up in Liona’s cellar, ” Chance walked to Shaun and informed him.

Shaun raised his head and glanced at the injuries on Chance’s face. When he looked at Rodney who was i n a sorry state as well, he frowned grimly. “You and Rodney were dealing with only one person. How did you get injured?”

Chance coughed lightly. “I could’ve dealt with him alone as we were neck and neck, but Young Master Snow held me back a bit…”

“What do you mean? Are you saying I’m inept? ” Rodney lost his temper.

An awkward look washed over Chance’s face.

Nevertheless, Shaun’s deep-set eyes flashed with a frosty look. “Anyway, it’s rare that anyone in Australia can be a match for you. Who on earth is this person? Why did he kidnap Sarah? Who is the mastermind behind this incident? Hurry up and find out for me.”

“Okay, I’ll do it now.” Chance turned around and left once he replied.

When Sarah was pushed into the VIP ward, Shaun felt extremely helpless at the sight of her head that was bandaged.

Never had he thought that she would not hesitate to bang her head against the wall to kill herself.

Had he hurt her so much that she did not want to live anymore? It felt like he would owe her forever.


Rodney approached Shaun with bloodshot eyes as he had not slept for a day. On top of that, he had gotten into a fight as well, which made him look dejected.

Shaun said in a huff, “ If you’re planning to fight with me…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Rodney dropped on his knees in front of him.

Shaun’s expression changed. “What are you doing, Rodney Snow? Get up.”

“ Shaun, you know I’ve never begged anyone nor knelt in front of anyone.” Rodney gave a bitter smile while being on the verge of tears. “I’m begging you just this one time. Marry Sarah and stop being with Catherine. If you abandon Sarah after all these things, she’ll… die. There’s nothing else I’ll ask you for. I just want to see her alive.”

Shaun was at a loss for words.

If he had not gotten back together with Catherine, he might have chosen to endure it and marry Sarah. However, now that he had experienced the sweet romance, he would be too miserable marrying a person he had no feelings for.

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