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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 865

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 865

Chance asked the hacker to play the recorded footage. “The car that was used to kidnap Miss Neeson left the car park and headed to the parking area of a nearby playground in the suburb. As the playground has just opened to the public, there are no surveillance cameras in the parking area. It’s a little problematic.

“When we got there, there was already no one in the car. We suspect that the kidnappers have left with another car. Through our inspection of every car last night, we can confirm that it’s a black Santana.”

Chester said, “From what I just heard, the Santana traveled to the forest in Cheney Hill before going missing.”

“Stop droning on. Let’s get there first, ” Rodney said impatiently, “It’s been one night. Many things might’ve already happened.”

Those words made everyone’s face turn somber.

After Shaun got into the car, he sped past the vehicles on the road, heading toward the suburb. On his way there, he asked, “Have you found out who did it?”

“We still can’t see the kidnappers’ faces, so we’re not sure. It could be your business competitors too.” Chester added hesitantly, “Over the years, many people have grown to dislike the sight of you.

Considering that you have a close relationship with Sarah, many probably plan to threaten you with her. The owner of Gloway did something like this to you previously, didn’t he?”

Shaun furrowed his brows.

Rodney glared at Shaun ferociously. “Those kidnappers must be blind! They should’ve kidnapped Catherine instead. What does it have to do with Sarah? You’ve hurt her enough. How unfortunate she is to have fallen for you.”

Pursing his thin lips grimly, Shaun remained silent.

“You’d better pray that Sarah is fine.” Rodney was so anxious that his veins were bulging out.

Shortly after, a crowd of people appeared in the surrounding area of Cheney Hill.

Less than half an hour later, someone called and claimed that the black Santana was found in the west.

Shaun and the rest immediately rushed there. Chance said, “We’ve searched around, and I think the kidnapper brought the victim away using this path.”

“Kidnapper?” Shaun raised his brow grimly. “Are you suspecting that there’s only one person involved?”

“Based on the footprints, I think so.”

“Go hunt him down. Since he’s bringing a woman along, he should still be somewhere here.”

Shaun hurriedly gave an order.

About ten minutes later, they suddenly heard a woman screaming.

“It’s Sarah.” Rodney’s expression changed drastically. He ran to the area where the sound came from.

Shaun went after him with large strides. Soon, they discovered a cave behind a forest.

Everyone scurried into the cave with torchlights. Only a shirtless young man was seen pressing on Sarah, whose shirt had been torn in half. From her swollen face, it was clear that she had been slapped violently.

“What a wretch.”

Rodney dashed to the man to smack him, but the man soon turned around as if he had eyes on the back of his head. He got into a fight with Rodney.

Shaun rapidly took off his shirt and wrapped it around Sarah.

“Shaunic, Shaunic, am I dreaming? You’ve finally come to save me.” Sarah fell into his arms while weeping.

“Sorry.” The moment Shaun began speaking, Sarah suddenly pushed him away forcefully. Then, she curled up and hid at one side. “Don’t touch me. I’m dirty. I’m very dirty.”

“You’re not dirty. We’re here, and you’ll be fine. ” Shaun comforted her softly. “Let me bring you home, okay?”

“No, I’ve had enough. I don’t want to live anymore. ” As soon as Sarah finished speaking, she turned around and slammed her head on the wall.

“ Sarah… ” Shaun promptly rushed toward her and carried her.

Sarah’s head was covered with blood. While struggling to lift her head, she touched his face and sobbed miserably. “Shaunic… d-don’t bother saving me anymore, really. I… I’m in a living hell. Actually… I wanted to die so badly at that time. I… don’t feel like… living anymore. I hate… how dirty I am. I hate… how sweet… you and Catherine are… It pains me… This is fine… I can be free now…”

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