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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 864

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 864

“Sarah went missing this afternoon when she went out to buy something. I couldn’t even contact her. Only when I asked the housekeeper did I learn that she hadn’t returned to the seaside villa at all. I checked the surveillance cameras and found that someone covered her mouth and brought her into the car when she was in the car park of a shopping mall.”

Rodney said furiously, “Come back right now! Now that you’ve dumped her, she might not be able to survive if this bunch of people who’ve kidnapped her are hooligans.”

“I’m coming back now.” Shaun rose to his feet.

Catherine hugged him from behind and cast a flirtatious look at him. “Shaun, are you going to leave me behind?”

“You can come with me,” Shaun whispered.

“But I don’t want to meddle in Sarah’s affairs. Just let Rodney and Chester save her,” Catherine

responded with a low voice.

Those words made Shaun’s eyes flash with grimness.

Subsequently, Rodney’s howl sounded from the phone as the call had not ended.

“Catherine Jones, you’re such a cruel woman! Sarah has been kidnapped and the kidnappers might kill her. At such a moment, you’re still feeling jealous! Don’t you have the slightest sympathy? Why did Shaun fall for a woman like you?”

“Rodney!” Shaun hung up the call without letting Rodney continue.

He turned around and said to Catherine in a stern voice, “ If you don’t feel like coming with me, you can stay here. I’ll ask Elle to pick you up tomorrow o r even accompany you for a few days.”

“Didn’t you assign Elle to another part of the country?”

“ I’ll ask her to come back right now. ” With that, Shaun swiftly put on his clothes and took his phone.

When he opened the door, the mountain breeze blew in on this chilly night. She wrapped her arms around her body. Before she realized it, he had already left.

With her arms around her knees, Catherine gave a weak smile.

Just earlier, she had swayed upon hearing his sweet words. Little did she expect a slap in the face so soon after.

It was not a bad thing, after all. At least, she was learning not to be so easily touched by his words.

She had to thank Sarah for that. Her trip with Shaun made the news during the day, and Sarah was then kidnapped at night. What a coincidence.

It must be another new plan of hers.

It probably had to do with that man who was heading to Neah Bay.

Catherine tried to call Logan, but she could not reach him.

Somehow, she felt as though a dark shadow was cast on her. It was just like the night sky outside.

She quickly leaped to her feet and looked for the owner of the villa. “Sir, can you ask someone to send me down the mountain immediately? I have something urgent to deal with.”

“Eh? Why didn’t you go with your boyfriend? He left first and now you’re leaving at such a late hour.” The owner yawned. “Let me remind you that the roads here are winding. It’s not easy to travel in the middle of the night.”

“I really have something urgent to deal with. Please get me a good driver. I’m willing to pay any amount.”

6:00 a.m.

Shaun entered the seaside villa under the morning sunlight.

The top hacker and the members of Liona as well as the brilliant people of the Jewell family were

already here. In addition, there were quite a number of people from the police department.

Rodney punched Shaun the minute he saw him. “ It’s all because of you! If you hadn’t driven away the Liona members after Sarah was discharged, she wouldn’t have been kidnapped, you b*stard! If anything happens to her, I won’t let you off!”

Shaun held Rodney’s fist and narrowed his eyes. “ Rather than kicking a fuss here, why don’t you go search for her?”

After a moment, he turned around and asked Chance. “How is it going?”

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