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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 863

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 863

“Catherine Jones…” Shaun interrupted Catherine with gritted teeth. His handsome face flushed with shame. “Stop tying this back to Sarah and me, okay?”

“No, I insist on doing so. I care about it.” Catherine wrapped her arms around his neck. “Am I more charming, or is she more charming? If you don’t give me an answer today, you won’t hear the end of it from me.”

Shaun’s head hurt. As much as he felt like flying into a temper, the woman looked so lovely even when she was being unreasonable. How could he possibly be harsh with her?

“Is it so difficult to answer? I know, I’m sure you’ve slept with Sarah a lot. I’m going to ignore you now.”

She pretended to be angry and pushed him away. Then, she rose to her feet and was about to leave.

In a state of panic, Shaun swiftly hugged her from behind. “Babe, I’ll answer you, alright? Actually… Actually, I’ve never done it with Sarah.”

Catherine froze. She turned around and glanced at him in disbelief. “Stop deceiving me. Since you loved her so much previously, how could you possibly not have done it with her? Shaun, this is such a blatant lie.”

“I’m not lying.” Shaun gave a bitter laugh. “ Whenever I tried sleeping with her, I’d have an upset stomach. I’ve even vomited a few times. When I lost control and looked for you the other day, I didn’t get framed. In truth, Sarah tried to do something to me but she failed. I ended up vomiting.”

Catherine was dazed. She had just wanted to sound him out. She did not expect what Yael said to be true.

“You spotted me visiting the andrology unit before this, didn’t you?” Shaun gripped her hand helplessly. “I thought there was something wrong with me, but when I was with you later… I could function normally. I thought I just couldn’t deal with Sarah, so I tried it with a few other women. In the end, they also made me feel like vomiting.”

“You even tried it with other women…?” Catherine widened her eyes.

“I did that for the sake of understanding my condition. Anyway, I was never planning to do it with them. Don’t get me wrong. In fact, my private life is very decent,” Shaun quickly explained.

“But why didn’t you let me know earlier?” Catherine shrank away from his grip. “You decided to be with me just because I can satisfy your needs, huh?”

“This is exactly why I didn’t tell you. I was afraid you’d have such a thought.”

Shaun said softly, “I want to be with you simply because I love you. It feels like home when I’m with you. When I’m alone, I keep thinking about you. Even during meetings, I can’t help checking my phone frequently. I’m afraid I won’t get to reply to your message immediately. I’ve never changed because of anyone. If not love, what is this?”

Catherine’s heart jerked in spite of herself.

Despite being clear about her ulterior motive for approaching him, she could not help but get swayed by him.

“Cathy, stop overthinking, okay? There’s no doubt that I love you.”

Shaun turned her face gently and kissed her affectionately.

“By the way, Sarah went to the hospital to undergo i n-vitro fertilization recently. Did you— ”

“No. I only accompanied her twice for a medical check-up. I didn’t approve of it. She won’t be having a child,” Shaun responded vaguely.

Catherine then hugged him without saying anything else.

Just like that, they would continue staying together for as long as they could. Even though she had a hidden agenda, she thought of putting it aside until some time later.

At this moment, Shaun’s phone rang all of a sudden.

He did not answer the call. When the incessant calls did not stop, he got up and answered it grumpily. “ Rodney Snow, are you asking for death?”

“You’re the one asking for death, Shaun. You’re actually in the mood to go on a f*cking trip with Catherine when Sarah is in trouble!” Rodney roared, “She has been kidnapped! ” Shaun’s red eyes darkened. “What happened?”

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