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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 861

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 861

“Don’t go to that hotel you went to yesterday. It’s too cheap.” Shaun brought Catherine into the car. “ I have a private presidential suite in a five-star hotel here.”

Catherine was astonished. “When did you invest in a hotel?”

“I’ve been investing in a lot of places. You’ll slowly find out in the future. ” Shaun rubbed the tip of her nose. “You need to know that none of the men in the whole of Australia is comparable to me.”

Knowing that he was trying to imply something again, Catherine pretended that she did not understand his words.

Once they arrived at the presidential suite, she was suddenly carried before she could even look around.

“Shaun…” She wrapped her arms around his neck. Looking into the man’s burning eyes, she had a sinking feeling. “What are you planning to do in broad daylight…”

“It’s not as if we’ve never done it in broad

daylight.” Shaun immediately placed her on the bed and put his hands on both her sides. He added in a somber tone, “You’ve been giving me the cold shoulder for the past three nights.”

“Let’s talk about it tonight, okay? Harvey is coming in a while, and I’ll be meeting President Kawada tonight to sign an agreement.”

Catherine tried to push away his muscular body, but he did not move at all.

“Harvey is taking a flight here, so it’ll take him a while. We still have time to do it.”

As soon as Shaun finished speaking, he carried her and kissed her passionately to stop her from speaking.

In the dining hall of the hotel at night.

After waiting for a long while, President Kawada finally saw Catherine who was late. He let out a sigh of relief and then said with a smile, “I thought you regretted it and decided not to come.”

“I was held up at work. ” Catherine tried her best to act natural and sat down. Deep down, she was scolding Shaun, that b*stard.

Shaun was the one who said that they could make it

in time. In the end, he kept Harvey waiting outside for over an hour before he opened the door. She had felt thoroughly embarrassed.

After signing the agreement, Catherine shared small talk with President Kawada before he took a night flight back to Canberra.

When Catherine was about to book a flight ticket to go back, Shaun grabbed her phone. “ Since we’ve made an effort to come here this time, let’s not hurry to return. We can stay here and explore the place.”

Hobart had a long history and a number of attractions.

Catherine was stunned. A moment later, she nodded. “Sure. We’ve never gone on a trip together.”

“I’ll take you out more often in the future,” Shaun replied gently while carrying her.

The next day, Shaun drove her to the nearby Mount Wellington. After he parked the car, the two of them began to walk to Wellington Park.

Halfway through their walk, Catherine was so tired that she kept nagging Shaun to carry her.

At the sight of the visitors who were walking to and from around them, Shaun felt awkward. “You’re already an adult but you’re expecting me to carry you?”

“ I’m not well. I want you to carry me.” Catherine pouted coquettishly.

Her behavior made Shaun become muddle-headed. Unable to say no to her, he had no choice but to carry her on his back.

During their walk, many people looked at them with admiring looks.

“Look how nice her husband is. He’s carrying her along this mountain path.”

“Above all, he’s good-looking.”

Within seconds, a lot of people had secretly taken photos of Shaun and Catherine, sharing them online.

In this day and age when the internet had become a fast-growing technology, the netizens soon discovered that Catherine and Shaun were on a trip together.

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