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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 860

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 860

“Catherine Jones, what are you planning?”

Shaun’s gaze was odd. “You sold Yule Corporation’s shares just like that. Does your father know?”

Yule Corporation was the country’s largest logistics company and had been developing rapidly in e- commerce especially in recent years. Many people were eyeing this juicy piece of meat, but Catherine handed it over so easily.

“Yeah, I persuaded him to sell it.” Catherine shrugged coolly. “There’s internal strife in Yule Corporation, my grandfather is still ambitious at his old age, Damien and his daughter eye us covetously, and the shareholders are made from the same mold as Damien. It’s better to just sell them all.

“Delta Co., Ltd. is a big company in Japan. After President Kawada enters Yule Corporation, he’ll definitely think about competing for power with my grandfather and uncles. It would be interesting to watch then.”

Shaun was speechless.

He imagined the image. Old Master Yule would probably want to vomit blood out of anger. The ancestors of the Yule family would climb out of the grave if they knew about it.

The company was the painstaking efforts of the Yule family for generations, but she sold it just like that, and to someone from Japan.

“You’re really…”

Catherine interrupted him. “There’s one more thing. I feel like a joint venture with Campos Corporation at this time is a trap. President Kawada is also very knowledgeable in the area of finance. When he joins, he’ll at least disrupt Charlie’s ambition to become the top family in the country. ”

“In the end, you’re just trying to help me?” Shaun’s eyes suddenly brightened.

“You think too much.” Catherine felt herself sweat and spat out, and walked forward.

However, after taking just a few steps, her arm was grabbed by Shaun and she was pulled into his arms. He glared at her with a trace of chagrin and annoyance. “Catherine Jones, do you really want to break up with me? I’ve been waiting for you to apologize.”

“Sorry, but I have no intention to apologize, ” Catherine said coldly.

“You…” Shaun’s pupils glared at her. If looks could kill, she would have died countless times already.

He had already chased her here. Why could she not bow her head? Would she die if she apologized?

“So you want to break up with me?” Shaun breathed heavily. “You went behind my back at night with another man to drink at the bar and make a scandal, but I can’t say anything about it? Don’t you think you’re too much?”

Catherine looked up at him. No one understood him more than her. His anger was almost at the limit.

She sighed. “I’m not trying to break up with you. I said I had matters to attend to, which I do. Who said that people can’t talk in bars? Besides, did the photo show me kissing or hugging another man?”

“ In any case, it’s an undisputed fact that you went behind my back with another man.” Shaun’s tone softened slightly when she explained, but his face was still cold and hard. “I can forgive you this time, but… it can’t happen again.”

He said it adamantly and that tone made it seem like Catherine was begging him for forgiveness.

Catherine refused to bite. “Why do I have to listen to you? You’re also always alone with Sarah whenever you meet with her. Call me over if you dare.”

Shaun was silent for a moment and said, “I won’t meet her much in the future.”

“Is that so?” Catherine faked a smile.

“Why would I lie to you?” Shaun snorted coldly and used a superior tone. “Forget it. Since you have a good attitude and admitted your mistake, I’ll let this matter pass.”

Catherine. “ ”

She had a good attitude and admitted her mistake? Since when did she admit her mistake?

She was in disbelief.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Shaun could not help but glared at her in return. “Catherine, I’ve compromised time and again for you. No woman has dared to provoke me like this before.”

“How did I provoke you? I didn’t do anything.” Catherine rolled her eyes at him. “Get out of the way. I’m going back to the hotel. It’s too sunny.”

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