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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 859

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 859

Kawada was overjoyed. “Then let’s sign the contract at night. There’s no time like the present. ”

He was afraid this little girl would turn back and tell Joel, and Joel would disagree. After all, Yule Corporation was the country’s largest logistics company, and they were expanding fiercely in e- commerce as well. He had wanted to buy Yule Corporation for a long time.

“Okay, then we’ll meet tonight. I need the secretary to send the contract over. But don’t tell anyone about it. I’m afraid of being scolded by my father. We’ll go to the company in a few days to transfer the shares.” Catherine said uneasily.

“Sure, sure, sure. It’s settled, then.”

Kawada shook hands with her and left happily. As soon as he left, Catherine grinned.

Selling 40% of the Yule Corporation’s shares for 50 million. Not bad.

When Kawada went to Yule corporation, it would surely stir up a storm. Damien, Melanie, and Charlie would definitely go mad.

“Waiter, I’d like another cup of coffee…”

She turned her head and was instantly dumbfounded when saw a tall man with a domineering presence standing by the door.

Shaun Hill. Why was he here? Her dark eyes were wide open.

“Come out.” Shaun gritted his teeth and glared at her viciously, directly pulling her out.

He had been following her since the morning and watched her constantly peeking at a middle -aged man, and finally striking up a conversation with him. Then, they talked and laughed over lunch.

He was furious at first, but his heart felt more and more complicated when he went to the room next to theirs.

This woman was getting more and more out of hand. She approached a person like President Kawada without batting an eyelid and even played him in the palm of her hands.

When they went out of the hotel, Shaun sized her up deeply.

“When did you come?” Catherine pulled her hand

back and rubbed her wrist that was pinched and sore.

“I’ve been following you since you came out this morning,” Shaun said gloomily.

Catherine was stunned but quickly reacted with a dark expression. “Were you that psycho who kept blasting songs last night next door?”

“Who are you calling a psycho?” Shaun’s handsome face went black.

“It really was you. ” Catherine rubbed her forehead and snapped at him. “Are you crazy? I couldn’t sleep at all because of the noise.”

“We’re in the same boat. You tortured me until I couldn’t sleep, so don’t think you get to sleep either.” Shaun snorted coldly. He had two sleepless nights because of her.

Catherine was speechless. “You weren’t eating in the room next door, right?”

She looked at his hands, where there were scars and blood marks, and remembered that she heard something being crushed earlier.

Shaun said gloomily, “ I originally wanted to see if you would do something sorry to me, but I ended up hearing that you want to find a boyfriend to go dating happily. It turns out that I’m not your boyfriend yet. So, who is your boyfriend? The one who went to the bar to drink with you at night?”

The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched. She finally saw what an unreasonable man looked like. “ I said that deliberately to fool him.”

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