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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 858

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 858

Catherine pointed to the large dragon motif and said, “If it’s a plate from the Kangxi period, it should have a history of at least several hundred years, and the jade should have been silicified long ago. Look, this area is too reflective, and in this spot, the glaze is too uneven. But it’s a good imitation. I offer two thousand.”

The seller’s face was crimson in embarrassment by Catherine’s claim.

Mr. Kawada glared at him. “You used a fake to scam me. You think I’m easy to fool because I’m not Chinese?”

“I’m not. Anyway, I think that it’s real.” The seller slunk away with the plate in his arms.

“Thank you, Miss.” Mr. Kawada smiled. “You look a little familiar.”

“Many people say that I look familiar. ” Catherine turned and tried to slip away shyly.

“Wait, I remember now. You’re the heir of Yule Corporation. Your last name is… Jones… ” Kawada hurriedly said. “Your father is Joel Yule, right?”

“You’ve got the wrong person. ” Catherine waved awkwardly.

“Haha, no I didn’t. I’ve met your father before.” Kawada handed her his business card.

Catherine read it and immediately shook his hand. “ Hello, President Kawada. I’m actually a porcelain enthusiast too. I secretly flew over here to see because I didn’t want others to recognize me.”

“I understand. There are always people who want to curry favor in exchange for benefits. It’s too troublesome.” Kawada laughed. “ It’s fate that we could meet. Look at that piece.”


Catherine followed him, and an hour flew by. The two chatted about many things.

When it was lunchtime, Kawada said, “Actually, I’ve always admired Yule Corporation’s development in the logistics area. By the way, since you’re Yule Corporation’s heir, when are you planning to take over the company?”

“It’s not that easy to take over.” Catherine smiled bitterly. “Currently, Yule Corporation’s development is very good, and the stock prices also rose, but Yule Corporation’s internal management is complicated. There are many people who covet my position.”

“That’s true.” Kawada’s eyes flashed. “But you can’t give up this position easily. It’s your father’s hard work.”

“My father isn’t in good health and wants me to take care of it, but I still have another company on hand. I don’t have that much energy. I might end up selling my shares. ” Catherine blurted. “But I’m afraid my father will disagree, and my grandfather might get angry too. But either way, my last name is Jones, so I don’t care about it that much.”

Kawada gave a deep cough. “That’s true. You’re still so young, and those uncles are old and cunning, so it might be better to sell them. A girl has to marry eventually anyway.”

“That’s right. Sometimes I want to find a boyfriend, but I’m too busy. All I want now is to go dating happily now…”

Just as Catherine finished speaking, she suddenly seemed to hear the sound of something shattering from next door.

She froze.

At that moment, Kawada said in a low voice, “I’ll be frank. I’m actually quite interested in logistics. Why don’t you sell the shares to me? You can name a price.”

“Huh?” Catherine was shocked and looked around wildly. “That… That won’t do. If my grandfather finds out…”

“I heard that your grandfather returned to Yule Corporation. I guess that he won’t be relinquishing his position for some time.” Kawada said meaningfully, “You weren’t raised by his side either. Who knows if he’ll support that cousin of yours instead in the future.”

Catherine was stunned and gritted her teeth. “I’d sell it for 6o million USD…”

“6o million?” Kawada was shocked. That was quite a high price. “I remember your Yule Corporation’s market value is only around loo million. I’m afraid no one will buy it if you sell for 6o million, but I’d be willing to buy it if you can let it go for 45 million.

Look, there are so many logistics companies nowadays…”

Then, Kawada incessantly tried to convince Catherine.

Catherine pretended to listen and become more and more interested and finally agreed to sell Yule Corporation’s shares for 50 million USD.

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