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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 853

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 853

Catherine, who was eating chocolate, almost choked. What the hell. Was this guy possessed by a husky?

However, she smiled silly as she looked at the conversation.

When she finally came about, the corners of her mouth stiffened.

At night, in a bar.

Catherine sat on a barstool next to Logan, who was i n a trench coat.

“It must have been a hard trip to Neah Bay. How was the investigation?” Catherine opened a beer bottle and pushed it over.

“This kind of thing is confidential and usually won’t be disclosed. ” Logan took a sip of beer and said smugly, “But who am I? I spent some time there and finally got wind of something. There really were a bunch of guys there who came to the country. At that time, a young and handsome man

from Australia went over there personally and spent a lot of money to hire them.”

“Is there a photo?” “Nope.”

Under her gaze that seemed to say ‘you’re so useless’, Logan was offended and explained, “Come on. Although that is the most chaotic place in the world, they’re still organized. Who would dare to seek their cooperation if information is casually leaked out?”

“A young and handsome Australian man. Thomas Neeson is out. He doesn’t have the guts to contact those dangerous people.” Catherine pondered. “ Does Sarah still have helpers?”

“She definitely has people backing her, ” Logan said with certainty. “But she hasn’t shown her cards yet.”

“Let’s wait. She should be impatient now, so we wouldn’t have to wait for long. ” Catherine took a sip of beer and suddenly showed a trace of exhaustion from her brow.

“What’s wrong? Are you in a bad mood?” Logan raised his brows. “ Speaking of, you’re with Shaun again, right? How is the feeling of getting back with your ex-husband? Is your ex-husband who once

abandoned you treating you like a treasure now?”

Catherine glared at him, and Logan chuckled. “I’m just curious. After all, he was someone you loved. You won’t end up being soft-hearted, right?”

Catherine looked down. Her beautiful face could not be seen in the dim light.

“What the f*ck, you really… became soft—hearted?” Logan was speechless at her strange silence. “ That’s the person who hurt you deeply before. Back then, if you hadn’t faked your death, you might have died. You children would’ve been taken away too.”

“I know.” Catherine frowned with great annoyance. If she had not learned from Yael that nothing happened between Sarah and him, she might not have been shaken at all. “I’m just… a little annoyed. In fact, I know that he didn’t mean to hurt me at that time. He was just hypnotized by Sarah, but the past is like an open wound to me. Sometimes, I think that I should just get revenge on Sarah and I shouldn’ t get too close to this man. He’s toxic… ”

She was clearly hurt by him and thought she no longer loved him.

However, the two days they were together made her feel like she went back to the time when the two of them used to love each other.

“What should I do?” She asked blankly. Should she continue or give up?

“How would I know? I’ve never been in love before. But can you continue to marry him and have children as if it never happened?”

Logan said, “Frankly, I think that if he was able to be hypnotized by Sarah in the first place, it meant that he completely believed in Sarah. Back then, how much did he respect you when you were married? He didn’t think that he should keep a distance from his ex-girlfriend since he had a wife. Isn’t it just comeuppance that he ended up like this now?”

Catherine was stunned. Yes, Shaun deserved it.

His stupidity harmed her and her children.

“Forget it, let’s go. It’s too late.” Logan yawned. He had jet lag and had not rested well. “Don’t think too much. If there’s still someone behind Sarah, then it’s not over yet. Besides, don’t forget, Sarah only just broke up with Shaun. Is this the only result you want?”

“You’re right.”

Her eyes gradually grew cold. Sarah killed so many people and ruined Charity’s family. Charity was also tortured to death by Sarah. She would definitely make Sarah’s life worse than death.

If Shaun dared to stop her, then she would deal with him too.

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