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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 851

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 851

Shaun was startled by the anger in her eyes. “I just gently patted…”

“I don’t care. You hit me. You men just don’t know how to cherish others. I just slept with you in the morning, and you bullied me in the afternoon. I’m ignoring you. Go away.” Catherine’s eyes were red. She was originally just pretending, but after thinking about it, she felt aggrieved too.

The proud Shaun too became a little angry at being driven away like this, but when he saw her red eyes, he immediately panicked and picked her up carefully. “Babe, I was wrong. Don’t be angry. You can hit me back, okay?”

“I don’t want to hit your stinky *ss.” Catherine looked away. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears, and her mouth pouted, making her look as cute as possible.

Shaun’s heart melted. He grabbed her hand and patted it on his face. “Is this okay?”

“No, it’s too light.” Catherine lowered her eyes and snorted.

“Like this?” Shaun grabbed her hand again and heavily slapped himself twice.

If others saw this scene, their eyes would have fallen off. No one would expect that the high and mighty Shaun Hill would coax a woman like this. Even Sarah would be shocked if she saw this.

“That’s more like it.” Catherine looked at the red mark on his face and smiled.

When Shaun saw the smile on her face, his heart fell to the ground.

He never thought that he would coax a woman like this one day. He coaxed her without a bottom line.

He would not be like this even when facing Sarah in the past.

Of course, Sarah also sometimes acted spoiled, but comparing her with Catherine, he felt that he was only instinctively indulging Sarah. It seemed his heart did not mean it.

As he thought about it, there did not seem to be moments where his heart would skip a beat when h e was with Sarah. There was not much anger, but no lovey-doveyness either.

However, there was a voice in his head that dominated him. He loved Sarah, so he had to be good to her.

However… was that love? Did he really love Sarah?

True love should be like this, where there was laughter and sweetness.

Even when she was angry, she was beautiful. Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in his head.

He drew a cold breath and let go of her, stumbling back two steps and holding his head.

“Shaun… ” Catherine was startled and quickly held him. “What’s wrong?”

“My head suddenly hurt.” Shaun held his head.

Confusion flashed across Catherine’s eyes. “What were you thinking of?”

“ I was thinking about… ” Shaun’s throat suddenly got stuck when he found that his brain was a little confused. “I thought that it felt very sweet getting along with you like this now, and you looked very cute when you were angry.”

“That’s all?” Catherine did not believe it. Last time, he also had a headache when he recalled something at McDonald’s. “Have you had headaches before?”

“ I’ve had fewer headaches since Sarah helped me treat them.” Shaun froze. “It seems that every time I have a headache, it’s with you. Should I consult a neuro…”

“Are you afraid you have a tumor in your brain?” Catherine joked.

“Don’t talk nonsense. That won’t happen. I still want to be with you.” Shaun pinched her small face. “Cathy, sometimes, I feel like life is strange, but I can’t tell what’s strange about it… Right, I was just thinking that when I’m with Sarah, it’s like I’m not as satisfied with her as I am when I’m with you now “Stop.” Catherine suddenly covered his mouth.

Sarah hypnotized him, and Catherine consulted a good doctor about it before. For this kind of hypnosis, the worst-case scenario was that one day, the patient broke the hypnosis himself and the chances of recovering were slim. What was more likely would be that the reality and implanted memory would tangle up, and the patient would lose his mind.

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