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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 849

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 849

“I’m not…”

Catherine struggled for a long time but did not break free. Instead, she could feel the man’s gaze getting hotter and hotter.

She was more than familiar with the progression of events, and suddenly, she did not dare to breathe. “ Let me go. Don’t do anything rash.”

“ I really want to do something rash. How long do you want me to wait?” Shaun flipped her over, placing his strong arms on her sides. His burning breath fell onto her face.

“How long have you waited? It has only been a few days. ” Catherine turned away in disapproval. She was so flustered that she dared not look him in the eye.

However, she did not know that her posture was revealing her graceful and slender neck.

“Cathy, we’re an old married couple.”

Shaun turned her face and dominantly kissed her red lips.


Catherine struggled.

Despite that, the man was extremely strong, and he knew her very well.

Besides, knowing from Yael that he had not done it with Sarah over the years, she was not as revolted by him.

Catherine, who originally intended to get up, was forced to give up that thought because of him.


When Freya opened her eyes after a satisfying sleep, she found herself lying in the back seat of the car with a pillow below her head and a thin blanket over her body.

She was dazed and confused for a while before remembering the incident last night. When Rodney was sending her back, she could not hold on any longer and fell asleep in his car on the way back.

In other words, she was still in Rodney’s car. The blanket on her body was placed on her by Rodney, and the pillow under her head was put there by Rodney too?

A very strange feeling welled up in her heart.

Her image of Rodney had always been a nasty and despicable lowlife. Even if she was sleeping, she believed that Rodney would throw her out of the car or get someone to bully her.

Never did she expect that he had such an attentive side to him.

She sat up and saw the man leaning on the driver’s seat motionlessly. Hence, he leaned over to look at him.

Rodney was resting with his eyes closed. He really was born with good skin. He had a tall nose, thin lips, clear skin, and eyelashes so long that they could be brushed with a comb. He had the face of those high and noble comical faces.

In the past, she thought that Patrick was the most handsome man.

However, Patrick paled in comparison to Rodney’s features.

At that moment, his eyelashes moved.

Freya hurriedly sat back. Rodney rubbed his eyes and woke up. When he turned around, the two pairs of eyes met.

He suddenly did not feel sleepy at all. “You’re finally awake.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up last night?” Freya pretended to be indifferent.

“Forget it. You were sleeping like a pig…”

“Rodney Snow, do you know what you’re talking about?” Freya instantly exploded. “Is there a pig as beautiful as me?”

“Yeah. I saw one last night. She’s still in my car now.” Rodney narrowed his eyes and mocked.

“Get lost.” Freya snapped at him and opened the cardoor to leave.

Rodney lowered the window and said, “Don’t worry, Eric Hatch has been arrested. If you don’t

have any more enemies, you can go out with peace o f mind. You should rest for two days before returning to work at Snow Corporation.” “Give me the money first and then we’ll talk.” Freya glared at him before she went upstairs.

When she got home, she pulled up the news. The incident of Eric finding someone to attack her last night made today’s headlines. [SE Group’s President Eric Hatch detained after finding

someone to beat up Osher Corporation’s new R&D director.]

[Eric Hatch, the leading cosmetics entrepreneur in Australia, abandoned his wife and daughters to keep several mistresses.]

[Eric Hatch’s wife cried and accused Eric Hatch of not returning home for half a year and had not paid for living expenses.]

[Eric Hatch’s wife and daughter live in an old two- bedroom house, while his mistress lives in a luxury villa worth hundreds of millions of dollars.]

[SE Group’s share price plunges. Women announce that they are abandoning SE’s cosmetics.]

Negative gossip about Eric Hatch in various aspects broke out, and even Eric’s wife was interviewed by the media about his various scummy behaviors.

Eric angered the women across Australia. Women hated it when men cheated on their wives, and at that moment, Eric was still under investigation at the police station.

As Freya read it, she secretly lamented at how quickly Shaun and Rodney acted. SE Group earned money from women but did not respect women. On top of that, Eric had used improper means to suppress his peers. It would be difficult for SE Group to turn around.

She thought about it and made a phone call to Catherine.

The phone rang, but no one answered, and she did not return the call.

It was not until noon that Catherine finally called her. “Did Rodney send you home last night?”

“You’re too much. I called you in the morning, but you’re only returning the call in the afternoon. I’m fine. Don’t tell me you just woke up.” Freya suddenly realized something and laughed. “Your voice sounds strange. It’s a little hoarse. Did you and Shaun… It was him, right?”

“…What nonsense are you talking about? I’ve been asleep, okay?”

Catherine glanced at the man on the bed and flushed red in shock. Damn it. Freya’s ears must be poisonous.

Then, she hurriedly dragged her sore legs and went out.

“Fine, I thought you guys…”

“Can you not think so indecently?” Catherine interrupted her seriously.

“I’ve always been like this,” Freya was unashamed to admit. “I fell asleep in Rodney’s car last night and accidentally slept until morning.”

Catherine was stunned. “He did not throw you out? He even let you sleep until the morning? Did you catch a cold?”

“Yeah. That’s what I thought too. I didn’t expect it either. He didn’t wake me up and even covered me with a blanket, ” Freya said with mixed feelings.

“I couldn’t tell. He can cook, and he’s attentive. If it weren’t for his prejudice against us because of Sarah, Rodney could be regarded as an excellent man. Unfortunately, he loved the wrong person. He has a bad eye for people, ” Catherine said regretfully. “You don’t have a crush on him, do you?”

“…Get lost.” Freya immediately scolded.

“Why are you so worked up?” Catherine clicked her tongue and reminded, “But I have to remind you. You can’t fall in love with Rodney. Patrick has already made you suffer enough. If you fall for Rodney, you’ll suffer like never before. That guy only has eyes for Sarah.”

“You don’t have to tell me that. I know better than you.”

Freya immediately hung up the call.

Catherine glanced at the phone, a little worried.

According to years of understanding each other like sisters, it was not good whenever Freya started to praise a man.

When she was distracted, a man’s arm came up from behind and held her tightly.

She gasped as Shaun bit her ear. “Rodney is an excellent man?”

Catherine suddenly trembled and turned around, wanting to glare at him. However, Shaun sealed her lips. “Better than me?”

“Shaun Hill. Are you done yet?” Catherine pinched his waist.

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