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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 848

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 848

“ Shut up. I work out a lot, okay?” Rodney scoffed. On the way back, soft music was playing in the car. Due to the incense she had inhaled earlier, Freya could no longer hold up her eyelids any longer.

Once they arrived at Brighton Gardens, Rodney turned on the lights and turned around to find that she had fallen asleep. Her thick long hair covered half her face, and the remaining half revealed her glazed white skin under the light. She was usually sharp-tongued, but at that moment, she was like a gentle and harmless kitten, delicate and soft.

He hesitated before he took out a blanket from the trunk to cover her. Then, he sat in the front to read the news on his phone.

Hackett Institute.

Shaun put the sleeping Catherine on the large bed in the bedroom.

She could not keep her eyelids open and fell asleep on the way back.

After Shaun watched her quietly for a while, he turned to get a basin of water and gently took off her clothes. When he saw the scars on her body, his handsome face turned ashen. However, the further down he went, his face could not help but turn slightly red.

Every time he was with her, he was impulsive and rash. He had never looked at her so carefully before.

She had a really good figure. She was small at places she needed to be small, and large at places where… Ahem…

As a young and vigorous man, Shaun gulped unexpectedly, his eyes the color of Mars.

Once he had cleaned her, he dressed her in her pajamas and took a cold shower by himself.

He used her towel, which had the familiar scent of her body. It was very nice, and he did not feel disgusted despite his mysophobia.

After a shower, he lay down and slept beside her on the same quilt. He was extremely satisfied smelling the fragrance of her body.

Then, he could not resist holding her in his arms. Catherine did not wake up. However, she rubbed

her little face against his chest and hugged him with her petite arms. The action was very natural. It was as if they had done this countless times before.

Shaun was so stunned that he looked at her from the side. This scene was extremely familiar, but he could not remember it at all.

The next day.

Catherine slept until late in the morning.

When she opened her eyes, she was faced with solid honey-colored pectoral muscles. A familiar masculine smell mixed with the shower gel she used wafted into her nose.

Did she hug Shaun the entire night?

Completely unprepared, her cheeks became unwillingly hot.

She quickly got up, but the hand at her waist tightened and pulled her back.

“You’re awake?” Having just woken up, the man’s voice was low and deep like a cello, and it made her heart beat faster.

Catherine looked up and saw Shaun’s handsome and dazzling well-rested face. She bit her lips and

said with annoyance, “Why are you sleeping in my bed?”

“Babe, I’m not a gentleman. You were sleeping so heavily last night. If I didn’t take the opportunity to stay by your side, I’d be a fool.” Shaun gave a low chuckle. He had taken advantage of the situation yet was still acting so righteous.

“Shameless.” Catherine cursed him. She sat up, but since she had not fully recovered, she instantly fell onto his chest again.

“You’re throwing your arms around me so quickly?” Suddenly, Shaun’s eyes burned as if they could set people on fire. He stretched out his arms to hold her firmly.

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