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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 843

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 843

Sarah was furious.

She never thought that Rodney, her backup plan, would one day have a meeting and forget her. In the past, she was always on his mind, and as long as she said the word, he would come as soon as possible no matter how busy or far away he was.

Let alone stand her up in the evening because of Freya Lynch.

However, she could not say that, so all she could do was pretend to be polite and generous. “It’s okay. How did the talk go with Freya?”

“The talk was settled, but she asked for 1o percent of Osher Corporation’s shares, ” Rodney said helplessly. “So I went back to the company to discuss it with the executives. Everyone thinks this plan is feasible. If we can tie Freya Lynch to Osher, it’s worth it.”

“10 percent?” Sarah’s voice could not help but raise. “That’s daylight robbery, yet you guys are agreeing to it?”

“There’s no choice. However, after our company packages the new products, I believe Osher’s market value will increase.”

Sarah really wanted to call Rodney a stupid pig.

Nevertheless, she could only hold herself back while her insides were going to explode with anger.

After hanging up the phone, she immediately called Thomas.

Thomas clenched his teeth when he heard this. “ Has Young Master Snow been brainwashed by that b

*tch Freya? She wants 1o percent of Osher’s shares? He might as well give them to you.”

Snow Corporation’s market value was worth more than millions. When Thomas thought that Freya’s value was almost the same as his, he was very unhappy. To him, Freya was just an inferior woman who came from a small place.

“Brother, I really can’t stand it. Find a chance to deal with Freya.” Sarah gritted her teeth and said, “ After that, I’ll deal with Catherine.”

“I don’t need you to tell me that. I also have no intention of letting Freya go. I plan to finish what I didn’t do three years ago.” Thomas suddenly grinned. “That’s good. If she becomes a

shareholder of Osher, I won’t lose anything by marrying her.”

“You mean…” Sarah’s eyes lit up. “That’s a good idea. I heard that the Lynch family’s business has been getting bigger and bigger in recent years, and they’ll surpass Neeson Corporation soon. If you marry her, it’ll kill two birds with one stone. But can you do it?”

“Don’t worry. I have plenty of underhanded tricks.” Thomas laughed.

Sarah said with satisfaction, “But Shaun isn’t here to clean up after you anymore, so watch yourself. Don’t do anything illegal.”

“I know what I’m doing, ” Thomas said. “By the way, how are you going to deal with Catherine?”

“Heh, I have my own plan.”

The next day, Freya received a phone call from Rodney. He agreed to her conditions.

That afternoon, Freya invited Catherine out for dinner in a good mood.

“You made the right decision. ” Catherine smiled heartily and toasted her. “After all, Osher is a big company in Canberra. This is an opportunity if you really want to have a foothold in the country.”

Freya chuckled. “I’ll eventually deal with Thomas Neeson. If I enter Osher, Sarah’s blood will definitely boil.”

“Definitely. ” Catherine tried to picture that scene and laughed too. “After all, she regards Rodney as her backup plan.”

“Forget it. I’m just afraid that she’s still thinking of Shaun. Since Rodney has been disqualified as the heir of the Snow family, I don’t believe Sarah will willingly marry him.” Freya shook her head and suddenly lamented, “Actually, Rodney is quite stupid. If I had a man like that who liked me whether I’m right or wrong, I might marry him. ”

Catherine was so shocked that she choked on her water. “Don’t scare me. You don’t have a crush on Rodney, do you?”

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