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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 842

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 842

“To you, I’m just an ordinary cosmetic chemist. But have you ever thought about how hard we work to climb up to where we are?

“When all you young masters were out drinking and playing, we were still burning the midnight oil i n the laboratory. When you went out to play ball

and go fishing, we stayed at home hitting the books.”

Freya’s eyes could not help but redden as she spoke.

“Do you understand how desperate you made me when you shut me off back then? The incident with Thomas Neeson coincidentally happened at the same time as well, and I was egged on at the supermarket. I couldn’t find a job and couldn’t stay in the country, so I had to go overseas.

“As a newcomer, I was looked down upon overseas. I didn’t even go back to my apartment every day. Out of 365 days a year, I spent 350 days in the lab and fainted several times.

“There were two times I lay on the cold ground all night and woke up by myself to go to the hospital. I

have thought of giving up, but I wanted to fight back and regain my lost self-esteem.”

The more she thought about it, the sourer her heart felt, and her tears rolled down.

“Hey, don’t cry.”

Rodney felt a little guilty as he listened, and he became at a loss seeing her cry.

She made it seem as if he was really a scumbag.

“I’m sad and hurt, but you don’t even let me cry.” Freya’s tears fell down in large drops.

However, there was a saying that if a person was beautiful, they looked beautiful no matter how hard they cried. It was like raindrops falling on flower petals.

“Okay, go on and cry. ” Rodney fell silent from her scolding.

“Rodney Snow, are you a man? I’m crying, but you still don’t know how to comfort me. It’s no wonder you can’t find a girlfriend.” Freya threw the tissue that she had used to wipe her tears with at him.

“…Freya Lynch, you’re being a little unreasonable.” Rodney was exasperated.

“Women are always unreasonable.” Freya sniffled.

Her tear-stained delicate, petite, and fair face now had a reddish tint to it.

Looking at her, Rodney somehow thought that her skin was really good, and she actually looked a little cute after crying. 1

“I’ve thought it over. We can cooperate.”
Freya suddenly said, “The formula is 20 million dollars each. At the same time, I also want lo percent of Osher Corporation’s shares. Every year, Osher will have to invest 40 million dollars in developing new products. On top of that, I want to serve as the director of Osher’s R&D department.”

Rodney was shocked. “The other conditions are fine, but you want 1o percent of the shares? That’s daylight robbery.”

“Think about it. If you don’t collaborate with me, I’ll still choose SE. Even if SE is plagued by negative gossip, why won’t I want to earn money? Besides, you should understand my strength. A talented cosmetic chemist like me can be discovered but not sought after. Whether you seize this opportunity or not will depend on you.”

Freya blew her nose and started to eat the steak gracefully.

That appearance made Rodney suspect that her crying earlier was just an illusion.

Rodney left after dinner, but Freya’s conditions were still on his mind. Hence, the first thing he did was head to the company for a meeting.

It was not until 11:00 p.m. that Sarah called, and only then did he remember that he had forgotten to visit Sarah in the hospital.

“I’m sorry, Sarah. I’ve been busy with meetings. I didn’t mean to.”

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