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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 837

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 837

Shaun’s voice was slightly cold. “Master Ziegler, don’t think I don’t know about your relationship with Yael.”

Chance was shocked. He always thought that Shaun did not know. “Eldest Young Master, I…”

“ I understand. Yael is young and beautiful, but at your age, what kind of woman have you not seen?” Shaun lowered his voice. “Yael is no longer completely loyal to me. I don’t trust her to remain in Liona.”

Chance smiled bitterly. Yael was different as he had watched her grew up. When she grew from that little girl into a graceful woman that loved him, something in him that had settled for many years suddenly seemed to come alive.

“Master Ziegler, are you sad?” Shaun suddenly asked.

“No, Eldest Young Master. She’s just a woman. However, I’m afraid that expelling her from Liona like that will cause criticism from others. Let’s transfer her out of the country, ” Chance said cautiously. As a master of Liona, he was not allowed to be emotional.

“Okay, then I’ll go with your arrangement. Master Ziegler, I’m doing this out of respect for you.”

Then, Shaun hung up the phone.

Chance tightened his grip on his phone. After a while, he called Yael. “Pack up and go to Country X for a mission. I’ll go see you when I have time.”

Yael was shocked. “What do you mean? I don’t want to go to Country X. What do you mean you’ll come and see me when you have the time? Won’t I be able to come back anymore?”

“It’s the Eldest Young Master’s orders. You’ve touched a nerve in him. The Eldest Young Master suspects that you’re no longer loyal enough.” Chance smiled bitterly. “He wanted to expel you from Liona at first, but he gave me a choice, so I chose to let you leave the country. Yael, listen to m

e. Country X’s science and technology are well- developed, and the environment there is also good. I t won’t be tough going there to carry out your mission.”

“I don’t want to go to such a faraway place, ” Yael said hysterically. “The Eldest Young Master has already given me the harshest punishment. Why is he still treating me like this? Does the Chadwick family have to live like dogs for generations to be loyal to the Hill family?”

“Shut up.” Chance warned. “I’ll bring you back after a few years when his anger subsides.”

“It won’t. As long as Catherine Jones is around, she definitely won’t let me come back. Chance, I can’t bear to leave you.” Yael cried.

“…I’ll visit you often.” Chance hung up the phone, upset.

In the hospital.

Sarah was restless.

Ever since Yael was called away in the morning, she had not called once. This gave Sarah a bad feeling.

Rodney also did not come today, and he left as soon as he came yesterday. He was always in a hurry.

She used to be a delicate flower in everyone’s palm. Every moment, whether it was Shaun, Rodney, or Chester, they all surrounded her. Yet now, only a caregiver was left.

“Ms. Neeson, I’ve peeled a plate of apples for you

.” The caregiver fawningly handed over a plate.

“Get lost.” Sarah knocked over the plate angrily.

The caregiver also became angry. “Fine, I will. I’m a human too. I’m only taking care of you because you’re paying me, but money can be earned anywhere. I don’t have to earn it from you. I’ve really had enough of your horrible temper. It’s no wonder Eldest Young Master Hill can’t stand you.”

With that, she turned to pack her stuff and left.

“You’re all snobs.” Sarah cursed behind her, but the caretaker did not care about her at all. All of a sudden, she was the only one left in the ward.

She panicked and hurriedly dialed Shaun’s phone number. When it connected, she immediately cried. “ Shaun, hurry up and come over. I’m alone in the hospital. Yale was suddenly called away in the morning, and the caretaker bullied me and just left. I miss you so much…”

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