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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 836

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 836

“That’s true. Yael is just a woman.”

In the room.

Master Ziegler had just walked in.

Yael shut the door behind them and ripped off his jacket before she hugged him around the waist

from behind. “Chance, I want to die! I can’t continue living in this life anymore.”

Master Ziegler turned around. When he saw Yael’s unclothed appearance, a hint of grimness flashed in his dark eyes.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Chance Ziegler said coldly, “ I’ve warned you long ago that Sarah Neeson is just someone you protect. Why did you interfere in the personal fuel between her and Catherine Jones? All you have to do is perform the task that Eldest

Young Master arranged for you.”

“But I was really falsely accused.” Yael sobbed.“ I was just following the Eldest Young Master’s orders to search her body, but Catherine secretly harbored

a grudge against me. Why did she have to take it out on me because she has a grudge against Ms. Neeson? Eldest Young Master too. When he was on good terms with Ms. Neeson, he could pluck out the moon from the sky, but when he’s with Catherine, all of his orders became our fault. It’s too hard to be someone else’s subordinate.”

“Yael, shut up.” Chance warned in a low voice.

“I’m just sad and can’t hold back. Chance, you don’t understand the feeling of being stripped naked in front of so many men.”

Yael burst into tears. “I can’t forget their look. They… They kept staring at me so disgustingly. I feel so dirty. I want to die.”

After that, she turned and threw herself at the door. “Yael, don’t be ridiculous. You’re not dirty.”

Chance immediately grabbed her and pulled her back into his arms tightly.

“Chance, don’t stop me. What should I do? I don’t deserve you.” Yael cried out as she fell into his chest.

“Don’t be silly. You’re the little girl I grew up watching.” Chance gently brushed her hair.

“Chance, hold me. Otherwise, I’ll feel so bad. ” Yael suddenly lowered her head and pulled the clothes on his chest haphazardly.

Then, she kissed him.

Chance was a middle-aged man. Faced with her young and passionate body, he was soon unable to resist himself.

When it was over, Yael leaned into his chest and murmured with her eyes closed, “Chance, I feel so tired sometimes. I always have to listen to the Eldest Young Master. I’m living like… like a dog. ”

“Don’t speak nonsense. We’re indebted to the Eldest Young Master. If not for the Hill family fostering us, we wouldn’t be here today.”

Chance gripped her shoulders. “You shouldn’t go to Sarah Neeson’s side for the time being.”

Yael panicked. “But Ms. Neeson really needs…”

“Yael, you have to remember that Sarah is only someone you’re protecting.” Chance reminded her. “If you keep this up, you’ll easily be expelled from Liona. You know how painful the price of leaving Liona will be.”

A chill washed over Yael. If she left Liona, her muscles and tendons would have to be severed, she would lose her martial arts, and her money would be confiscated too.

For people like them who practiced martial arts their entire lives, losing their martial arts would be equivalent to being crippled.

She gritted her teeth secretly as hatred overflowed from her eyes.

She would definitely take revenge for this.

In the evening, not long after Yael left, Chance received a call from Shaun again.

Shaun said directly, “I’ll give you two choices. One, transfer Yael out of the country. Two, expel Yael from Liona.”

Chance’s face changed in horror. “Eldest Young Master, Yael only made a small mistake. I’ve already criticized her. Isn’t it too serious for you to do that?”

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