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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 833

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 833

“Well… I’m Shaun’s girlfriend. Isn’t your tone now disrespectful to me? Or is it because I’m not Sarah, so you hate me and treat me with hostility. You even looked down on Elle for protecting me. Maybe you’ve protected Sarah for so long that you now see her as your true master?” Catherine raised her eyebrows. She had hit the nail on the head.

“No.” Yael’s face went pale.

In Liona, the most taboo act was disloyalty to the Hill family, and the consequences to that were very serious. “Ms. Jones, why are you slandering me like this? I have no grudge against you. I’m just a lowly bodyguard.”

“You’re a member of Liona, so you’re not as simple as a bodyguard. You think too little of yourself.” Catherine smiled and asked Shaun, “May I be so bold as to ask you a question? How long has Yael protected Sarah?”

Shaun frowned. “ Including the time before Sarah disappeared, around seven or eight years.”

“Seems like she has been protecting Sarah since she was very young.” Catherine pointed out.

Yael quickly understood her point. “Although I’ve protected Ms. Neeson for a long time, it has

nothing to do with time. I obey Liona’s commands.”

Shaun rubbed his brows. He suddenly realized that h e had been negligent. Since Sarah used to be the most important person to him, he told Liona to arrange for the most attentive person to take care o f her. That was Yael.

Later, after Sarah returned, he said he wanted to arrange a bodyguard for her. Sarah proposed the bodyguard to be Yael because she was familiar with her, and so, he agreed.

However, he had forgotten that the longer two people were together, the easier it was for them to develop their master-servant relationship. It was just like Elle and Aunty Yasmine with Catherine.

Yael had been with Sarah since she was as clean as a blank sheet of paper, so Sarah naturally meant more to her than normal.

“Yael, that’s enough. It’s a fact that you hurt Catherine behind my back. You’ll have to accept Liona’s punishment, ” Shaun ordered coldly.

“Can I do it? I’m a girl, so I’m not used to seeing all those blood and injuries. I don’t like violence.”

Catherine’s voice was soft and gentle. It made people want to listen to her.

“What do you want to do?” Shaun asked indulgently.

“Give her a taste of her own medicine.” Catherine looked at Yael, whose cheeks suddenly changed color. “Since she made others look at me that day, I’ll let her taste the same humiliation today. Some people won’t be able to understand until they’ve experienced it for themselves.”
Shaun was stunned but nodded a moment later. “Do as you please.”

“No.” Yael had a bad feeling about it. “Eldest Young Master, please just use Liona’s punishment. No matter how many whips or how many canes you give, I can persevere.”

“Yael, you would rather suffer physical pain than endure being stripped naked in full view of the public. This shows that you understand this humiliation, so why did you humiliate me like that i n the first place?” Catherine sneered. “Don’t do unto others what you would not have them do unto you. Don’t you understand this truth?”

“I didn’t do it. You’re falsely accusing me.” Yael glared at her. The hatred in her eyes could no longer be concealed.

“Everyone has already confessed. You’re the only one not admitting to it. How interesting.” Catherine traced Shaun’s palm with her fingers. “ What do you think?”

“We’ll do as you say. Lock Yael up.”

Then, Shaun turned around and walked out. “I’m not interested in watching.

“Me neither…” Irving and Roy were also about to slip away.

“Wait. ” Catherine stopped them with a grin. “You were very happy watching that day, which shows you don’t hate watching women’s bodies. In that case, stay and have a look.”

Irving and Roy immediately turned pale.

Shaun simply glanced at them coldly and went out.

Soon, Yael was tied to a pillar by Liona’s enforcers. No matter how she struggled, no one heeded her.

Catherine asked for a pair of scissors and slowly cut Yael’s clothes, piece by piece.

“Catherine Jones, I’ll never forgive you, ” Yael said in a low voice. Her gaze was hideous and twisted. “ Don’t be complacent. Eldest Young Master just
wants to play with you because he has an obstacle in that aspect. He can’t touch any other woman except for you. He’s only interested in you because o f that. Do you understand? You’re just a tool for him to satisfy his physical needs.”

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