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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 831

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 831

“You really investigated it?” Catherine scoffed. “ It seems like you really didn’t believe me.”

Shaun could not find the words to reply to her.

He was exasperated. He completely understood what it meant to shoot himself in the foot.

“As expected. The internet said that if a dominant president falls in love with me, I can say anything, and he’ll choose to believe me unconditionally. But it turns out to be false. ” Catherine sighed quietly. “ It’s understandable. You used to believe whatever Sarah told you, but you never believed anything I said. If it were Sarah, everything would be different.”

“I’m sorry…” Shaun’s heart moved.

Yes. Every time she fought with Sarah, he would always choose to believe Sarah unconditionally. However, after this time, he realized there were perhaps times that he had misunderstood her in the past.

Maybe Sarah lied as well. After all, he did not expect Yael to do something like this as he was right outside the door that day.

“I’m coming down. I’ll take my own revenge for that day,” Catherine suddenly said coldly.


Shaun waited downstairs for ten minutes before Catherine got into the car.

“Cathy, this is a gift I picked out for you on the way here.” Shaun handed her a box.

Catherine opened it and saw that it was a pair of diamond drop earrings.

“I noticed you looked quite beautiful wearing earrings the last time,” Shaun explained tenderly.

“Is this an apology gift?” Catherine asked directly. “…Yes.” Shaun bit the bullet and answered honestly.

“ I don’t like diamond earrings. ” Catherine threw the box over. “I like gold. Diamonds are just polished stones, and they’re very common. It’s very sought after because some women say that diamonds represent love and loyalty. Ha! Love can’t be proven by something like that. Thinking about it, gold is still worth more. It can be exchanged globally, and it rises in value. Like what women often say, between men and money, money is more reliable.”

Shaun was speechless.

He felt that he had deeply offended this woman today.

Though when he thought about it, it was Yael’s fault. Now, all he wanted was to teach Yael a lesson.

“Okay. I’ll give you gold in the future, ” he said helplessly after a while.

He would show her with his actions that between men and money, he was also quite reliable.

Before long, the car drove into a courtyard on Sherman Mountain.

Although it looked a bit old here, the sculptures on the corridor looked older.

Catherine looked around, and Shaun explained to her, “This is Liona’s headquarters.”

She was slightly stunned. She did not expect Shaun t o bring her directly to Liona’s headquarters. For many people, this was the most mysterious place in the country. It was said that many experts around the world gathered here.

After the car was parked, Irving limped over and opened the door.

Catherine looked at him. Although the man’s face was bruised and swollen, she still recognized him as one of the people who restrained her during the divorce. However, the man immediately said in fear, “Ms. Jones, I was blind before. Please forgive me.”

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