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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 830

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 830

Hadley looked up in surprise. It seemed like Ms. Jones was settling her old scores. If it were him, he would be unhappy as well. “ I can’t say either. That time, I saw Yael take off Ms. Jones’s coat, revealing the straps inside. She lifted her clothes, and many areas were… exposed. I only stopped her when she was about to take off Ms. Jones’s pants. But Yael thought I was doubting her for doing a bad job at searching, so she wanted me to do it instead. That was when you came in.”

Shaun clenched his fists and stared at Irving and Roy. “Tell the truth.”

Irving was so scared that he blurted out, “ It is as Assistant Young says.”

“ So… Yael was trying to take off Catherine’s pants?” Shaun narrowed his eyes.

Roy nervously choked on his saliva. “Yael said that she was afraid Catherine Jones was hiding it inside her pants…”

Before he could finish, Shaun threw him a fierce punch.

Irving and Roy were beaten black and blue, but no one dared to fight back or make a peep.

“So you saw everything.” The veins in Shuan’s arms bulged. These people had seen his woman, and he wanted nothing more than to pluck their eyes out.

“We… We didn’t.” Irving and Roy were shaking. They did not dare to admit it even if it meant death.

“How could you not have seen her? You two were the ones holding her down. You must have seen it very clearly.” Shaun stepped on their hands ruthlessly. “Why didn’t you say anything at that time? Even if I wanted to divorce Catherine, she was still my ex-wife. How dare you humiliate her?”

“We’re sorry, Eldest Young Master. ” The two men knelt on the ground and bowed. “At that time, you were very disgusted at Ms. Jones. We thought you hated and despised her, and since Yael is our colleague, we thought we could… turn a blind eye.”

Shaun’s blood boiled.

He knew they were telling the truth. It was because he looked down on Catherine that they dared to humiliate her.

At the end of the day, it was because of the stupid things he did. When Catherine brought it up earlier, he was skeptical. He thought that she wanted revenge on Yael because she was dissatisfied.

Now that he thought about it, he simply did not deserve to say that he liked her.

How many stupid things had he done to hurt her?

On one hand, he said that his feelings for her were a s deep as the ocean, that he would change in the future and love her for the rest of her life. However, he did not believe in her at all. He did not even place her above a member of Liona.

It was no wonder she was so angry. He deserved it.

“Fine. ” The two people ran out quickly as if they were freed.

“Wait,” Shaun spoke out. “The two of you did something wrong this time, so go to Liona’s punishment room to be punished of your own accord. In the future, you’ll be as respectful to Catherine as you are to me. She is my woman.”

“Yes. We’ll go at once.”

The two people were stunned. Yet, at the same time, they secretly complained. They originally thought Sarah was the one, but it seemed they had been holding on to the wrong person. It was all Yael’s fault. She was the one who caused this.

In the afternoon.

Catherine was in the office when Shaun called. “ Catherine, come down. I’m downstairs. I investigated it. I’ll bring you to Yael.”

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