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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 824

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 824

Everyone’s expression changed. Chester’s deep-set eyes were focused on Cindy, and Shaun’s handsome face had turned dark too. “When did I… leave hickeys on Sarah’s neck?”

Shaun could not even touch Sarah at all. How could he leave hickeys?

Cindy forced herself to stay calm and said, “ Catherine, I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Actually, I’m quite thankful to you,” Catherine said. “Back then, I was pregnant and put on house arrest by Shaun until I finally had to go and do a checkup. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known that the media had spread the news about Freya getting hurt. And I wouldn’t even have known that Thomas had publicly announced that Freya was the one who seduced him. That infuriated me so much that I went back and smashed everything. I even quarreled with Shaun, which resulted in him pushing me to the ground…”

That was the time she lost the twins.

Shaun’s expression changed drastically.

Catherine seemed as if she had gone crazy that day. She even took a knife and tried to stab him. That made him overlook how Catherine had found out about all that stuff.

It turned out that it was Cindy who told her.

If it were not for her big mouth, he might not have lost both of his children.

“So it was you.”

He stood up abruptly. He yanked Cindy’s arm and pressed her down on the table hard. “Who allowed you to be so talkative? Is your tongue bothering you? If so, I’ll cut it off for you.”

After he spoke, he took a knife from the table.

Cindy’s eyes widened in fear, and her whole body trembled. “I didn’t. I’m innocent. Chester, save me.”

“Shaun.” Chester grabbed Shaun’s hand. “Please do me a favor.”

“Do you know it was her mouth that made me lose my children?” Shaun’s eyes were cold.

“Forget it. Just don’t push the responsibility on others.”

Catherine wiped her mouth with a napkin before she suddenly interceded for Cindy. “Cindy was just telling me the truth. At that moment, I was really grateful. Otherwise, I would’ve been kept in the dark like a fool. Now that the children are gone, it’s nobody else’s fault but ours.”

Shaun’s body stiffened in embarrassment. He knew she wanted to say that losing the child was mainly his fault. Thomas was the trigger, and he was the one who added insult to injury.

Chester took the knife away from Shaun and released Cindy from his grasp.

“ Shaun, we’ll head upstairs to have our meal. We won’t bother you.”

Chester held Cindy’s hand and left. Cindy was still weak in the knees. She never thought Shaun would be so creepy and terrifying. However, she was not at all grateful to Catherine for saving her just now. If Catherine had not said those words, she would not be taught a lesson by Shaun. She would not even…

She secretly glanced at Chester’s unpredictable, handsome face, and an uneasy feeling grew in her.

When they entered a private room, Chester slammed the door shut and lit a cigarette. There was a trace of hostility on his gentlemanly face. “

Cindy, that mouth of yours has been causing me a lot of trouble.”

“Chester, I’m sorry. Catherine, Freya, and I are good friends. I just thought they were quite pitiful back then, so I couldn’t help but tell the truth, ” Cindy explained with tears in her eyes.

“Forget it. Don’t take me as a fool.”

Chester tapped her face lightly. He exuded a hint of coldness and hostility. “If you really care about them, why did you get so close to Sarah in the last three years? One moment, you’re feeling unfair for Sarah, and another, you say Catherine and Freya are your friends. Well, your heart goes out to so many people.”

His voice was calm, yet to Cindy, it sounded like stormy waves. It made her feel uneasy.

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