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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 822

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 822

“I know. That’s why I’m not too bothered about it. Since my grandpa is insistent on collaborating with the Campos family, then I won’t meddle in their affairs, lest I lose out on both sides.” Catherine shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. “To be honest, I don’ t have any attachments to the Yule family and Yule Corporation.”

“Mm, you don’t have to care much about Yule Corporation. Since you’ll be my wife in the future, and the whole of Hill Corporation will be yours. ” Shaun suddenly grabbed her hand. “You have Australia’s wealthiest man in your hands.” 1

“Forget it. After all, women have to rely on themselves. Perhaps… you’ll abandon me again. ”

Catherine withdrew her hand. Her eyes were downcast to conceal the coldness in her eyes.

“It’s fine if you don’t believe me. I have plenty of time to prove it to you.” Shaun smiled calmly.

Catherine looked at his side profile, puzzled. “ Aren’t you worried that the Campos family will become the wealthiest family in Australia after they take over Yule Corporation?”

“No. Hill Corporation has already invested a lot of funds into research and development for the past few years. We’ve already achieved an important breakthrough as well. We’ll only climb higher in the future.” Shaun smiled confidently. “The Campos family mainly earns money from the domestic market, while Hill Corporation targets the global market. They can never surpass us.”

Catherine was taken aback. He still had the same handsome face, yet the confident gleam in his eyes a t that moment strangely made her lose her voice.

Although that guy was a scumbag, she had to admit that he was a business prodigy.

A handsome and tall business prodigy. No woman would be able to resist being attracted to him.

Forty minutes later.

The car drove to a high-class restaurant by the seaside. The interior of the restaurant was very exotic.

Shaun had already booked an outdoor table. With the warm sea breeze, they could even smell the seawater. There was even someone playing the guitar on the beach nearby.

Catherine ordered a few seafood dishes.

Due to Shaun’s special identity, the kitchen had served the dishes very quickly. Every plate of seafood was freshly cooked, and it was very delicious.

Catherine enjoyed the food very much. “ I noticed you guys are really good at picking places to eat.

The restaurant that Chase and Joseph brought me t o last time was quite good too.”

Shaun’s expression instantly darkened. “Next time, you’re not allowed to go out for a meal alone with people of the opposite gender, especially Joseph. ”

“What’s wrong with Joseph? He’s my best friend.” Catherine sneered. “If it weren’t for him, Hudson Corporation would’ve been done for because of you.”

Shaun was embarrassed. Fine, he could only blame himself for doing too many scummy things and unconsciously asking for trouble himself. “Ahem. What I meant was next time when Joseph comes… you can bring me along. I’ll treat him to a meal to thank him for saving my little babe’s company.”

“As long as you know that. Shell the crabs.” Catherine pushed the whole plate of crabs to him. “ Do you know why women have boyfriends? It’s to have them do these kinds of stuff.”

Shaun had a headache looking at the plate. He would usually never shell the crabs himself.

However, he was willing to do it to please her.

During the process, he even pricked his finger clumsily, and it bled.

“You’re really… clumsy.” Catherine grabbed his finger and looked at it for a while before she put it in her mouth.

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