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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 821

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 821

Unexpectedly, the roof of the sports car was very low.

Shaun was directly above her head. So when she raised her head, he was lowering his body, and her juicy lips just so happened to brush his thin lips.

The air went still.

Shaun’s throat tightened. He felt as if sparks were thrown into a bunch of firewood and ignited a flame.

He stared at her. Looking closely, he realized that Catherine had very good skin. She did not have a pore nor a pimple. Yet under his gaze, a pink layer o f hue gradually tainted her milky-white skin, making her look even more stunning.

“Go away.” Catherine pushed him away.

“I’ll go away after another kiss.” Shaun held his body still. Although it was just a light kiss, he could not forget the taste of it. It felt like he was finally liberated after tens of years of being a celibate.

“What do you mean by ‘another’? That was just an accidental touch. ” Catherine retorted awkwardly.

“I don’t think so.” There was a smile in Shaun’s eyes. “I won’t go if we don’t kiss.”

“Shaun.” Catherine gritted her teeth. She never thought he would be so shameless.

“Oh, who is that over there?” Shaun suddenly pointed out of the window in surprise.

Catherine immediately looked over, only to find that there was nothing at all. It was at that moment she realized she was tricked. However, at that moment, Shaun’s thin lips swooped down and landed on her lips. His lips stayed there for two to three seconds before he withdrew quickly. He was

all smiles and smug, like a cat who had stolen a fish.

She was speechless.

He had only broken up with Sarah not long ago, yet he made it seem as if he had not kissed a woman in a long time.

As soon as Shaun got in the driver’s seat, he started the car and drove off. “Babe, what do you think of Yule Corporation today?”

“Nothing much.” Catherine’s eyebrows moved. “ Yule Corporation and Campos Corporation have already decided to start a joint venture, and a lot of money has been invested. They are very ambitious.

I think the Campos family intends to start the largest finance company in Australia. I’m afraid the Hill Corporation’s finance subsidiaries might be pushed aside.”

“Blame it all on my disappointing Second Uncle. The Hill family has not been making any progress i n the finance sector these years.”

Shaun put on his sunglasses. “But… The Yule family isn’t well versed in finance at all. Aren’t you afraid that Yule Corporation will become the Campos family’s pawn if you enter the finance sector so rashly?”

“I had the same thoughts too. But the shareholders have already had a taste of sweet success during their previous collaboration with Campos Corporation on e-commerce. Now, they are fooled and filled with ambition. Melanie even convinced m y grandpa to come out of retirement.”

Catherine sighed. She had wasted so much energy going against Sarah for the past few weeks that it made Melanie and her father resurface again.

“Although Old Master Yule has retired for many years, he still has some prestige in the Yule family, ” Shaun said. “Your cousin isn’t that simple.

If Old Master Yule returns, it’ll be very troublesome. According to my grandpa, Old Master Yule is… slightly stubborn, foolish, and haughty. Strictly speaking, he’s someone who thinks he’s great but not that capable in reality. However, no one can say that about him.”

Catherine was ashamed. As expected, the older generation’s comments were straightforward and precise. “What kind of person do you think Charlie is?”

“He’s ambitious, and he can do whatever it takes to reach his goal. According to my understanding of the Campos family’s usual tactics, they’re not sincere in supporting Yule Corporation. They approached Yule Corporation these years because they think they can reap profits from them. Maybe the joint venture this time will suck Yule Corporation dry.”

Shaun rapped the steering wheel lightly and said, “ Only when he sucks Yule Corporation dry can he compete with the Hill family without holding back.”

Catherine was so shocked that she remained silent for a while.

Upon noticing her silence, Shaun thought she was worried. Hence, he chuckled and said, “Don’t think too much about it. Although you’re Yule Corporation’s successor, it only counts when Yule Corporation is in your hands. Your last name is Jones after all. In the eyes of the two stubborn elderly of the Yule family, you’re still different compared to Melanie and Damien, whom they’ve brought up. ”

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