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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 820

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 820

“Who’s your babe?” Catherine snapped. “Shaun, aren’t you a president? Do you have a lot of spare time to disturb me in my games?”

“I’ve earned enough money. The most important thing right now is to pick up girls and get a girlfriend.” Shaun’s reply was confident. “ It’s my duty to accompany my girlfriend to play games.”

Catherine held her forehead. “How on earth did you find my account?”

She remembered that she did not register her WhatsApp number in the game.

“ I noticed it when you were playing that game on the day we watched a movie,” Shaun said in a low voice. “This is my first time playing games. I used t o think playing games is a waste of life, but now I understand that being in a game with the person I love is pretty romantic too.”

Although they were on a call, Catherine got goosebumps from his flirting. She did not know how to continue the conversation.

“Good girl. What time are you getting off work this evening? I’ll pick you up.” Shaun continued flirting with her in a gentle voice.

“I drove myself today.”

“ I know. I’ll ask Hadley to send me there. I’ll wait for you by your car.”

In the end, Catherine told him the time.

In the evening.

Catherine took her bag and walked into the private elevator.

The elevator stopped on the 25th floor, where Melanie looked at her smugly and was about to enter the elevator.

However, Catherine pressed the close doors button straight away, sandwiching Melanie between the doors.

“Catherine, are you trying to murder me?” Melanie yelled. She was in a mess from being sandwiched between the doors.

“You think too much. ” Catherine pressed the open doors button again and pushed Melanie out. “ Didn’t you see what’s written outside? It says ‘

Director’s Private Elevator’. What right do you have to use this?”

Melanie sneered. “Aren’t you just counting on the identity of a successor that Joel gave you? But now, I’m an important person who’s in charge of Yule Corporation’s future development. You may not know this, but Grandpa has already approved the finance department to assign 12 billion dollars to me in order to develop the joint venture with Campos Corporation. You didn’t expect this, did you? You deliberately chased my father and me out before, so you must not have expected that we’ll be back so soon.”

“I can see that you’ve been trying hard to please Grandpa and Granny at home recently. But Melanie, you should remember that your last name is Yule. Don’t foolishly be a pawn for others. You have to understand this. Once you’re worth nothing to the Campos family, will that playboy, Charlie, still want you? Just like before. Didn’t you complain in the hospital that Charlie hit you when you were dismissed from your job?”

Catherine tucked her hair behind her ear while she sneered. “Furthermore, Charlie even tried to flirt with me, his sister-in-law, at the conference room this morning. If you don’t believe me, you can check the security footage yourself.”

After she said that, she released her finger on the open doors button, and the elevator doors closed.

Melanie’s pretty face twisted in anger. She had initially wanted to get off work, but now, she went straight to the security room instead to get this morning’s footage of the conference room. That was when she saw Charlie extending his hand to touch Catherine’s face. His movements were flirty.

A trace of anger swept across her eyes. ‘Charlie, you’re such a heartless bastard,’ she thought.

Meanwhile, Catherine arrived at the parking lot. Before she made it to her car, she could see Shaun leaning on the front of her sports car. He wore a pair of long white pants and a shirt with blue and white stripes. There was a pair of sunglasses hung a t the front of his shirt. He exuded a dashing and handsome presence. His long legs, especially, were comparable to a top global male model’s legs.

Catherine stood there and studied him for a while. She felt like Shaun was getting younger as he aged. People might even believe that he was 25 years old.


When Shaun saw her coming, he opened the passenger door immediately.

Catherine handed him the car keys and got in the car.

“I can do this myself.”

As half of his body shadowed hers, she was overwhelmed by the cool, musky scent of a man that had a hint of intimacy to it. Catherine raised her head awkwardly.

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