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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 819

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 819

Charlie looked at her pretty silhouette with a dark expression and wiped his lips hard.

Ha! So what if she looked down on him? He would surely teach her a lesson one day.

After returning to the office, Catherine’s head spun from looking at Yule Corporation’s documents for a while. Hence, she started playing games on her phone.

When she had finished one round of the game, a player called You’re In My Heart came to form a team with her.

Once Catherine approved the request, both of them went onto the battlefield.

However, Catherine’s expression went dark just after playing for a while. That player had to be a newbie as he was nowhere to be found after parachuting.

She could not help but turn on her microphone and reminded, “Hey! Hey sister, stop running around.

You’ll trespass the border if you go any further and die.”

“I’m a guy. Which way should I go?” The raspy voice of a man came from the game.

Catherine was almost captivated. That voice was too sexy, and it sounded a little familiar, but she was so focused on the game that she could not recall. “ Open the map on the top right corner. Don’t run out of the white circle. Meet me at my location.”


Not long after the man replied, he started to run toward her.

Catherine let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, that guy was not too stupid.

However, the system gave a reminder that the area of the map was about to shrink. He would surely get them eliminated with that speed of his.

Catherine immediately found an off-road SUV and sped toward him. When she arrived, she found out that guy was still empty-handed. She was utterly speechless.

“Brother, where are your weapons and equipment? You’ll get killed any time.”

“…Where should I look for the equipment?” That man’s hesitant voice came over.

Catherine was exasperated. “Bro, is this your first time playing a game? How exactly did you find me?”

“Mm, it’s my first time. I’m accompanying my girlfriend.” The man lowered his voice.

“Then, you should go look for your girlfriend. Why did you look for me instead?” Catherine looked at his ID, You’ re In my Heart. Not many guys would set such a transparent game ID. That guy would have to be an innocent, good man in real life.

He remained silent for a while before he said, “

You’re my girlfriend.”


Catherine was stunned. She felt as if she was struck by lightning. Could people become couples just by playing games?

Wait, something was not right. That person’s voice was similar to a particular scumbag’s voice.

The next second, the man in the game said, “ I’m Shaun. Can’t you recognize my voice?”

The speeding off-road SUV crashed into a tree with a bang.

Catherine fell from the car. Before she could even stand properly, someone suddenly shot her a few times from afar. Then, she just… died.

It was the quickest death in her gaming history.

Next, she saw Shaun being shot to the ground as well. He carried his wounded body and tried to crawl toward her. They looked like a couple who were about to die together.

At that moment, she heard a certain someone’s chuckle from her phone. “Even if I die, I’ll die by your side.”

The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched. She was speechless.

Who would want to die with him? With that, she logged out of the game to look for Shaun’s contact and called him.

“Babe…” The same voice from the game came through.

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