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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 818

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 818

However, Catherine still did not agree to the collaboration with Campos Corporation.

“Grandpa, I still think it’s better to inspect this matter thoroughly. For example, after the joint venture has been established, who will provide the professional team? Who will be the managing director? Yule Corporation isn’t well versed in the finance sector, so we don’t have the necessary resources as well. If we step into the sector rashly…”

“What do you mean? Are you questioning my decision?” Old Master Yule’s expression darkened. “ Catherine, I’ve been in the business world for tens of years. I’m more experienced than you. There’s no need for you to meddle in the affairs of Yule Corporation any more.”

“Grandpa, it’s not that I don’t believe in you. I just think that it’s better to discuss this when my dad comes back…”

Charlie said sarcastically, “Ms. Jones, are you saying that Old Master Yule isn’t as visionary as you dad?”

Old Master Yule became upset when he heard that. “ I’ve managed Yule Corporation for tens of years. No one knows the business world better than me. This matter has been decided. Catherine, since you don’t know Yule Corporation well, you should come here less in the future.”

He stood up after he spoke. “Okay, that concludes today’s meeting.”

“Grandpa, I’ll send you home.” Melanie followed after him immediately. As she left, she cast a smug glance toward Catherine.

The employees of the senior management gradually left. Not one of them cared about Catherine.

Charlie walked to her side with a smile and said, “ So what if you’re the successor of Yule Corporation?

No one takes you seriously. I’d advise you to go back to where you came from.”

“Charlie, I don’t believe you’re sincere in collaborating with Yule Corporation. After all, the Campos family was the one who took advantage of Hill Corporation. Didn’t all of you earn your fortune from cheating the Hill family? Now that the Campos family is the second wealthiest family in Australia, I guess you must really want to be in first place.”

Catherine looked at Charlie coldly. To be honest, she had never understood Charlie.

At Melanie’s and his wedding three years ago, she always thought of him as a flirtatious, indecent,

and greasy man. However, in just three years, Campos Corporation had unexpectedly become the second wealthiest family in Australia.

The Campos family was not simple. She had a feeling that there was a mysterious force helping the Campos family behind the scenes.

“You’re not wrong. I do want to be in the first place.”

Charlie touched his chin. “Look, maybe we can collaborate with each other?”

“Didn’t my grandpa agree to the collaboration between Yule Corporation and Campos Corporation already?” Catherine frowned.

Charlie laughed. “ I meant the both of us. I heard some news lately. Isn’t Shaun trying to woo you? Are you really fine with the fact that he abandoned you three years ago? Don’t you wish to trample over the scumbag that betrayed you before?”

Catherine was astonished.

Shaun and Sarah had only just appeared on the news a few days ago, so all the wealthy families in Australia thought that Shaun and Sarah had made up again. Yet, Charlie already found out that Shaun was wooing her.

“Are you surprised? Actually, the Campos family is more powerful than you think.”

Charlie reached his hand forward to touch her face as he smiled.

Catherine stopped him halfway. She looked at Charlie’s greasy face in contempt. “Brother-in- law, my standards are very high. Normally, I won’t even turn my gaze toward a mediocre-looking guy like yours.”

After that, she turned around, ignoring Charlie’s awful expression, and left without looking back.

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