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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 816

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 816

“I’m not driving that anymore. Cathy doesn’t like it, so there’s no need to keep it.”

Hadley felt embarrassed. “But will an Aston Martin be too cheap? It doesn’t really match your status.”

“Never mind. Cathy drives an Aston Martin too. Since she drives a white one, you can get a black one for me. Just nice, we’ll have matching cars.”

Shaun hung up after he said that. It was as if changing a sports car to him was as easy as shopping for vegetables.

Catherine concentrated on her driving and let him do whatever.

As she drove, Shaun said, “This isn’t the way to Hudson Corporation.”

“Mm, I’m going to Yule Corporation. The toxin in my dad’s body hasn’t cleared yet, so I’m going to his company to have a look.”

It was mainly because Joel told her last night that Old Master Yule had agreed to let Melanie return to the company. As such, she had to go and take a look personally. Otherwise, Yule Corporation would become a total mess because of Melanie and her father again.

“If you’re going to Yule Corporation, it means that you’re going to meddle in Yule Corporation’s matters. Will you be able to manage everything?” Shaun frowned when he heard her words. “Do you still have time to be in a relationship with me?”

“When did I agree to be in a relationship with you?” Catherine complained.

“It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not because I’ve agreed anyway.” Shaun smiled at her.

After glancing at him in silence, Catherine could not resist saying, “Can you go back and get some sleep?”

“Are you worried about me?” Shaun’s eyes lit up.

“No, your dark circles are too deep. It makes you look like a panda, and it affects your looks.” Catherine gave him a merciless blow.

Shaun was suddenly at a loss for words. He had the urge to take his phone out to look at his face, but his pride and honor did not allow that. Instead, he just put on a long face.

The car drove into Yule Corporation’s parking lot.

When Catherine parked the car and was about to get down, Shaun grabbed hold of her and said with a hoarse voice, “Cathy, can you add me to your WhatsApp contacts? Remove me from your blocked contacts too. If you don’t, I’ll follow you everywhere you go.”

Catherine sighed. Then, she added him to her WhatsApp contacts right before him and removed his number from her blocked contacts. “Can I go up now?”


Shaun got down from the car with her. “Cathy, I heard Yule Corporation and Campos Corporation are planning to establish a joint venture.”

“There was that news before, but since I’m here, I won’t agree to it.”

Shaun nodded. “Campos Corporation isn’t that simple. In the ten years of collaboration they had with Hill Corporation, they basically paralyzed the senior management of Hill Corporation. Be careful.”

Catherine was taken aback, but she nodded. After she stepped into the elevator, she noticed that Shaun was still waiting outside.

She lowered her head and smiled. She did not expect that this day would come for him.

The elevator went up and led her straight to the floor where Joel worked.

Joel’s right-hand man, Secretary Coleman, had been waiting there for a while. When Catherine turned up, he led the employees of the secretarial department forward immediately and said, “Eldest Young Lady, Old Master Yule has brought Melanie to the company today, and they’re currently holding a meeting.”

“Why does my dad not know of this?” Catherine raised her eyebrows doubtfully.

“It was a last-minute decision from Old Master Yule. The senior management of every department and a few important shareholders are at the meeting. By the way, the Campos Corporation’s people are here too.”

“Lead the way. I will sit in too.”

Catherine had a bad feeling. She turned around and immediately went into the elevator again.

At the conference room on the › 3rd floor.

When Charlie Campos ended his long speech, he said, “Everyone, we all want to earn money. If we want to earn more money, then we have to enter the finance sector. Now is the best opportunity to do so. Yule Corporation has been developing well in recent years, but it’s still a bit lacking as compared to the Hill family and the Snow family. Grandpa, what do you think?”

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