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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 814

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 814

After breakfast, Catherine walked out from the main entrance of the Yule family’s villa.

Shaun immediately opened the car door and walked toward her. Having not been home for two consecutive nights, the shirt he wore was crumpled, and there was stubble on his face. However, that did not affect his good looks at all. In fact, it strengthened his presence further. Even his gloomy mood was filled with a compelling taste of a bad boy that women loved.

“You called the police last night?” Shaun stared at Catherine with bloodshot eyes.

“That’s right. You kept standing at my door, not wanting to leave. It was a huge inconvenience to m e, ” Catherine said coldly without any hint of guilt.


Shaun’s chest heaved. As a highly regarded man, he had never been humiliated by a woman like that before.

“What about me? I’m not a person who’s at your beck and call. Mr. Hill, you can’t choose a useful woman when you need her but abandon her for another attractive yet useless woman when you don’t.” Catherine scolded him bluntly. “I remember telling you this clearly the night before, that if you went to Sarah, you shouldn’t bother coming back to me anymore.”

When Catherine recalled that he sent a selfie of him at home to her but went to find Sarah the next moment, she was truly disgusted with him.

“I… I had no choice. Sarah fell down from the stairs that day, and she hurt her leg. If I didn’t go, she would refuse to get treated. In the end, I went and made things clear to her. See? Rodney even fought with me over this matter.”

Shaun pointed at the wound on his mouth. All he could do was act pitiful as he hissed in pain. “It still hurts a lot.”

“Serves you right, ” Catherine said those three words and sneered.

Shaun stiffened for a moment before he said brazenly, “Yes, I deserved it. You have foresight after all, babe. You told me not to go.”

“Who’s your babe? Watch your mouth.” Catherine’s scalp tingled from him calling her babe,

to which she glared at him with her bright eyes.

Her discerning big eyes, delicate fair skin, and juicy pink lips made Shaun’s heart melt. It melted more when he recalled the kiss emoji that she sent him.

He was determined to get her to forgive him that day, even if he had to be brazen-faced. Then, he would slowly savor the taste of kissing her.

“Cathy, I’ve already cleared things up with Sarah. I don’t love her anymore, and it’s impossible for me to get back together with her and marry her.”

Shaun held Catherine’s petite hands and grabbed them tightly. His deep, obsidian-like gaze was serious.

Catherine’s mind wandered for a moment.

He had once looked at her with contempt and said that the one he loved was Sarah.

So, when she heard him saying that from his thin lips again, she did not feel touched. Instead, she thought it was ironic.

“Babe, can you give me another chance?”

Shaun thought her remaining silent meant that she was touched. Hence, he stretched his hands and wanted to pull her into his embrace.

However, Catherine put her hands against his chest. “Shaun, I really don’t know whether I should believe you again or not. I’ve been hurt by you too many times now. I’m afraid that if I start having expectations of you once more, Sarah will call you away again or threaten you with her life. I haven’t been with you for long, but you and Sarah have known each other for more than 1o years…”

“No, Cathy. I won’t fail you anymore.” Shaun hugged her tightly. “Don’t you know what type of person I am by now? I won’t say such words if I’m not sure of my feelings.”

Catherine’s face was buried in his embrace. At a place where he could not see, there was mockery in her eyes.

She knew him all too well. He could utter any sweet words when he was in love. That was why she fell for him again despite being hurt by him time and time again.

However, when he was not in love, he was cold, heartless, and cruel.

“Babe…” When Shaun saw Catherine still in his arms, a wave of passion surged in him. “You owe m e a kiss.”

After that, he lowered his head and kissed her.

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