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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 812

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 812

Jessica glanced at Rodney helplessly. “Grandpa is serious. You should think this through. Is it worth it for a woman? How far can you go without the Snow family’s support?”

“I’ve thought it through. Unlike you, I won’t marry someone that I don’t love, ” Rodney said furiously.

Jessica’s expression changed, and a trace of sadness flashed across her eyes. Then, she walked out of the gazebo and left too.

Rodney stood there for a while before he walked out of the Snow family’s house annoyedly.

When he got in the car, he received a call from General Manager Stevens. “President Snow, our company’s acquisition of Country F’s SKITTL Group has failed.”

“What happened? Haven’t you took two full years t o prepare for SKITTL Group’s acquisition?” Rodney felt an inexplicable anger wash over him again.

Initially, he wanted to take the opportunity of acquiring SKITTL Group to let Osher Corporation step into the shampoo industry and even expand it globally. That way, he did not need to pay SE Group any mind at all.

If a company wanted to grow bigger, it had to expand its range of products. He thought that the acquisition would surely be successful.

General Manager Stevens laughed bitterly.“ President Snow, SKITTL Group initially wanted us t o be the acquiring company. But after news got out that the Snow family has canceled your right of succession, SKITTL Group made some considerations. They were afraid that Osher Corporation’s future developments might not be good without the support of Snow Corporation, so they went for a large company in the US.”

“Bullsh*t, did I come this far by relying on Snow Corporation? I relied on myself. ” Luck was not on Rodney’s side today.

“President Snow, the most important thing now is t o stabilize the position of Osher Corporation’s skincare brand in Australia. There are rumors that Freya and SE Group’s general manager is planning to collaborate. Once they develop a new product, Osher Corporation’s position will plummet. We might even be eliminated.”

General Manager Stevens continued, “The products are upgraded and replaced too quicHy these days. We need an excellent, top cosmetic chemist. Since you have lost the support of the Snow family, you’ll become a laughing stock among the wealthy families in Australia once Osher Corporation starts going down.”

Rodney gripped his phone tightly. The veins on the back of his hand were throbbing.

He had never imagined that he, the favored one in the Snow family, would be in such a situation one day.

Osher Corporation was his blood, sweat, and tears. If he lost Osher Corporation, he would be left with nothing at all.

“President Snow, no matter what, you have to beg Freya to come back to the company,” General Manager Stevens said bitterly. “We’ve thought of every possible way. But that year, it was you…”

“Shut up. Enough, I got it.” Rodney almost smashed his phone.

He never thought that there would come a day

where he had to beg Freya.

Above all, that woman even ruined his reputation just a few days ago, but he could not tear her apart yet. F*ck.

At night, Catherine had a meal with Joel and Lucas a t the Yule family’s manor.

When Joel and Lucas learned that Catherine would be staying overnight, they were thrilled.

The huge villa felt too empty with only the two of them and a few servants.

At 8:00 p.m., just as Catherine was about to fill up the bathtub for Lucas’s bath, Hackett Institute’s management gave her a call all of a sudden.

“Ms. Jones, according to your neighbor, a man has been waiting for you at your door since this evening and hasn’t left yet. It looks like it’s your… ex- boyfriend.”

“Ex-boyfriend?” The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched. Her neighbor had seen Shaun going in and out of her door a few times before. However, he had not shown up for a while now. Her neighbor must have mistaken Shaun as her ex-boyfriend, who had broken up with her.

“Yes, ” the management said, “of course. I’m just informing you. It’s your choice whether to come back or not. If there’s any dispute or disturbance, you can choose to report this to the police. ” After hanging up, Catherine immediately called the police. ”Hello, is this 000?”

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