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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 811

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 811

Sarah’s mind was in a mess too.

She did not have the mood to persuade Rodney to stay at all.

Just a moment ago, she thought she would get married to Rodney if she could not get Shaun back.

After all, he was the successor of Snow Corporation and the nephew of the future president.

It was not less honorable than marrying Shaun.

However, in just an instant, Rodney was disqualified by the Snow family from inheriting Snow Corporation’s shares. Without the support of the Snow family, Rodney, who only had Osher Corporation, was nothing. She would have a worse marriage than Cindy.

Sarah was about to go insane. Why was she so unlucky?

Rodney rushed back home immediately.

In the gazebo, Old Master Snow and Jessica were talking about the company’s matters.

“Jessica, if only you were a boy. You’re much more capable than Rodney.” Whenever Old Master Snow listened to his granddaughter talk about work, he would get emotional.

“Grandpa, you sound as if you’re discriminating against us women,” Jessica said jokingly.

Just as Old Master Snow was about to speak up, Rodney lifted the curtains and barged in. “Grandpa, don’t I have the right of succession to Snow Corporation too? Why did you disqualify me?”

“Because you’re too stupid.” It was as if Old Master Snow had expected his appearance, and he touched his coffee coaster lightly.

He was too stupid?

Rodney’s blood boiled in anger. “How am I stupid? Ever since I was born, I have been the quickest learner out of everyone in the Snow family at whatever I learn. The year I had my final exam, my results were placed third out of the whole country. I even studied at the top university in the whole world. You even said I am smarter than my uncle.”

Old Master Snow laughed coldly. “That’s why I said you’re stupid. You still haven’t realized the reason why I’m scolding you. Indeed, you were clever when you were young, but you got dumber as you grew up. I don’t feel at ease handing over Snow Corporation’s shares to you. Unless… you get married according to my arrangement.”

Only then did Rodney realize. “To put it bluntly, this is just your tactic of forcing me to get married.”

“No, this isn’t a tactic. It’s your one and only chance.” Old Master Snow took a sip of coffee as he said calmly.

“I won’t follow your arrangements and marry a woman that I don’t love.” Rodney thought for a moment and suddenly said, “But I can marry a wife and let you have a great-grandchild soon.”

“You don’t mean that you’re marrying Sarah, right?” Jessica said. Her refined eyebrows were knit in a frown.

“Yes. Sarah is a good lady…”

Old Master Snow threw his cup to the floor before Rodney could finish speaking. “ If you dare marry Sarah, don’t ever come back to the Snow family. ”

“Grandpa.” Rodney was shocked and enraged. “Did you listen to the rumors? Weren’t you the one who said that we should believe in what we see and not

what we hear? Sarah has never treated me as a substitute.”

Jessica sneered. “If she doesn’t take you as a substitute, why will she want to get married to you after Shaun rejected her?”

She could not understand why she had such a stupid brother.

“I was the one who proposed to her…”

“Shut up and get lost.” Old Master Snow was afraid that his anger would put his health at risk if he looked at Rodney some more. “Don’t talk to me.

I’ve made up my mind.”

After that, Old Master Snow walked away.

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