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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 810

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 810

“ Shaunic, I’m not feeling well. Let’s talk about it sometime later.” Once Sarah caught sight of the title deed in the folder, she had a sinking feeling deep down. She quickly feigned feeling unwell and lay down.

“ Sarah, stop running away from it.” Shaun did not feel like dragging the matter on anymore, so he acted ruthlessly. “This is the title deed to the seaside villa. Also, I’ll compensate you with one duplex apartment and ten commercial properties.

Here’s a card with 1oo billion dollars inside, which is enough for you to live a luxurious life.”

“Stop it. I won’t break up with you. ” Sarah spilled the glass of hot water beside her in agitation and consequently burned her hand.

“Miss Neeson…” Yael was so shocked that she immediately pressed the bell to call the doctor over.

“My hand hurts. It hurts so badly.” Sarah began to cry in pain.

Yael advised Shaun, “Eldest Young Master Hill, Miss Neeson hasn’t recovered yet. Why must you

provoke her at this time?”

If this had happened back then, Shaun would have tolerated it.

However, Sarah had refused to accept the fact and kept kicking up a fuss since last night. Moreover, Shaun had spent the night keeping her company yesterday and did not get to sleep. With all kinds of emotions overwhelming him, he barely had any patience left.

“Sarah, don’t go too far. We can never get back together.”

Shaun put down the document before he turned around and left.

Whenever he saw Sarah making a scene now, he somehow had a strong urge to run away. It also confirmed his intentions to end his relationship with Sarah.

While sobbing, Sarah smashed a lot of things.

When Rodney arrived, he was heartbroken to see her swollen hands.

“Rodney, Shaunic has decided to abandon me. He gave me these things to get rid of me.” Sarah fell into his arms and burst into tears. “What am I to him? I’m the person who cares about him the most.

I’m not even concerned about his identity or wealth.”

“He has gone too far.”

Looking at those documents, Rodney felt that Shaun deserved to die. How could he treat Sarah the way Chester played around with those women out there?

“Sarah, stop crying. I’ll deal with him on your behalf.” Rodney clenched his fists. “If Shaun abandons you, I’ll marry you. I won’t let you become a laughing stock. I come from the Snow family. Although I’m not as influential as Shaun, m y family has quite a high status too.”

“Rodney…” Sarah was dazed for a moment. Then, she shook her head incredulously. “No way. How could I possibly hurt you like this? What’s more, your family won’t approve of it.”

“As long as I approve it, my family can’t do anything.” Rodney wiped her tears away. “ Sarah, I’ll always stay by your side. If you want Shaun, I’ll do anything I can to make him yours again. If you choose to give up on him, I’ll marry you.”

“Thank you, Rodney.” Sarah nestled in his arms and wept bitterly.

Sarah smiled a little without Rodney’s realization.

She felt fortunate to have Rodney as her backup. Rodney might not be as great as Shaun, but once his uncle was elected as the next prime minister, the Snows would be at the height of their power.

At this very moment, Rodney’s assistant ran in. “Oh no, President Snow!”

“What’s the fuss?” Rodney glowered at him in annoyance.

“Look, President Snow.” With a long face, his assistant took the phone and showed him. “Old Master Snow was interviewed at the entrance of Snow Corporation just now.”

Rodney clicked open the video and watched Old Master Snow say, “About 20 years ago, I decided to divide the Snow family’s property among my children. Fortunately, these children have not disappointed me over the years. Now that Jason is in charge of Snow Corporation, I’m at ease. I still own 3o% of the company’s shares, which will be passed to Jessica and Carson in the future.”

The reporter asked curiously, “But don’t you have a grandson called Rodney?”

Old Master Snow replied with a snort, “Rodney has let me down. The Snow Corporation’s shares will have nothing to do with him. If he’s planning on inheriting the Snow family’s assets, he can dream on.”

Rodney’s phone dropped to the floor.

His handsome face changed. Then, he rose to his feet all of a sudden. “Sarah, I need to go home now a s something has come up.”

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