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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 809

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 809

Shaun stared at Hadley grimly. Hadley was speechless.

What had he done wrong? All he was asking for was a signature. Indeed, being Eldest Young Master Hill’s assistant was getting tougher.

“Pass me the document.”

Shaun slowly opened his mouth while giving him a death stare.

Hadley handed it to him. It was only after Shaun signed it that Hadley said, “By the way, there’s one more thing, Eldest Young Master Hill. You’ve made the news for visiting Sarah in the hospital last night.”

Hadley clicked open the news and showed it to Shaun. “Now that you’re pursuing Ms. Jones, I think if she sees this piece of news, she might feel… some disappointment.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

After Shaun watched the video, his face turned grim

straight away. “Which reporter is it?”

“It’s the reporter from Sun Weekly. The news organization always reports trivial matters that happen in society. There are always reporters keeping watch in the hospital.”

Shaun gritted his teeth. “I’m giving you half the day to make this news organization disappear. At the same time, get all the news about last night’s incident deleted. Also, warn other news organizations that they’re going to suffer the same consequence if they dare report on me.”


Hadley also felt that Sun Weekly was asking for death.

After he left, Shaun immediately drove to Hudson Corporation, only to find that Catherine had not arrived yet.

Harvey was annoyed at how Shaun was playing the field. However, due to Shaun’s identity, he had no choice but to pour a cup of hot coffee for him. “ Chair woman Jones doesn’t come to the office every day. She follows her personal schedule sometimes.”

“Give her a call and ask her to come here,” Shaun said in a strident tone.

Harvey then called Catherine in front of him. “ Chairwoman Jones, President Hill is in Hudson and says that he wants to meet you.”

“ I’m too busy to entertain him. Ask him to go to hell.” Catherine hung up the call as soon as she finished her sentence.

Shaun’s face darkened in an instant. Harvey dared not to breathe too loudly.

Luckily, Shaun left shortly afterward.

In the afternoon, Shaun went to the hospital again when Rodney was not around.

“Shaunic, you’re here.” The moment Sarah saw him, her eyes glowed.

When the news was released this morning, those rich young ladies in Canberra who had shunned Sarah before immediately called her to send their greetings. Quite a number of them came to visit Sarah in the morning, and there were different kinds of health supplements on the table.

At that moment, Sarah was extremely complacent. A s such, she could not bring herself to let Shaun go.

“Are you feeling much better?” Shaun asked in a low voice.

“My legs still hurt. The doctor said my tendons are injured.” Sarah looked at the wound on the corner o f his mouth. “ I’m sorry, Shaunic. Because of me, you got into a fight with Rodney. Do your injuries hurt? Let me apply some medicine for you.”

“No need.”

Shaun took out a document. “Sarah, I came here today to make something clear to you. I…”

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