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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 808

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 808

When Catherine was preparing breakfast for Suzie and Freya in the kitchen, Freya shouted from outside all of a sudden.

Then, Freya walked into the kitchen with her phone. “Cathy, I’m going to show you something. Don’t be mad.”

Catherine grabbed the phone and looked at it. Today’s news headline was ‘Sarah Injured, Young Master Hill Immediately Rushed To The Hospital. Their Break—up Rumors Quashed.’

When she clicked open the video, the reporter gave a detailed explanation of the news.

“Young Master Hill and Sarah’s wedding was canceled all of a sudden previously, and there was n o news about it later. Rumors about their break-up had been spreading like wildfire. However, our reporter, who kept watch at the hospital last night, happened to learn that Sarah was admitted to the hospital. Shortly after, Young Master Hill rushed to the hospital with a somber look, probably because h e was worried about Sarah’s condition. It wasn’t until seven o’clock in the morning that our reporter saw Young Master Hill leaving the hospital wearily

Catherine turned off the news straight away. Then, she returned the phone to Freya. Her pretty face was calm and nonchalant as if it had nothing to do with her.

“Are you okay?”

Freya looked at Catherine uneasily.

To be honest, Freya never thought that Shaun would be so scummy. Last night, Shaun had even offered her an apartment to make her move out, so she thought he was insistent on pursuing Catherine. Nevertheless, he still ended up going to look for Sarah. Even an outsider like her felt indignant over it.

“Of course, I am. But I’ve underestimated this shameless person.”

Catherine scoffed deep down. Last night, Shaun had even sent her a selfie that he took at home and she actually bought it.

‘Shauncierely Yours’? Go to hell!

Well, it was a slap in the face for her. It got her to become calmer and more alert.

“Let’s have breakfast. After that, I’ll send Suzie to preschool.”

Catherine brought breakfast to the table.

After breakfast, she drove Suzie to preschool.

When she dropped Suzie off, she came across Sheldon who was dropping Lucas off at the gate.

“Thanks again, Uncle Sheldon.” Catherine was grateful to him. In order to prevent Lucas from being suspected, Joel got Sheldon to pretend to be Lucas’ father. Fortunately, Sheldon looked like Joel, so no one suspected him.

“You’re most welcome. It’s because of your dad that I managed to come back to Yule Corporation and become the manager, ” Sheldon responded with a smile.

Catherine grinned. She bent over to kiss Lucas on the forehead. “Lucas, do you miss me?”

“I’m not Suzie. ” An arrogant look crossed Lucas’ face. Even so, he began to walk toward Catherine’s arms to get some affection.

“ I’ll accompany you to have dinner at Grandpa’s place tonight,” Catherine said softly.

“Mommy, I want to come along,” Suzie shouted.

“No way. Now that you’re a member of the Hills, people will suspect you if you always stay with me, ” Catherine warned her.

After sending Suzie and Lucas off, she received a WhatsApp message from ‘Shauncierely Yours’. [ Darling, have you sent Suzie to preschool?]

Catherine lowered her head and glanced at it. After that, she blocked him again.

Shaun drove to the office after sending the message. On his way there, he checked his WhatsApp from time to time.

He did not receive a reply from Catherine even after he arrived at the office.

Irritated, he sent her another message. [What are you busy with? Why aren’t you replying to my message?]

Nevertheless, his messages only showed one tick. A t that moment, he realized that he could not see her profile photo anymore.

Shaun was speechless.

What did this mean? Last night, he was still able to see her profile photo and his messages showed two ticks. Could she have blocked him again?

Somehow, he experienced a burning sensation in his chest, which also carried a hint of gloom, grievance, and annoyance. At this very moment, Hadley came in. “President Hill, please sign this document as soon as possible.”

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