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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 807

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 807

“Are you done?”

Shaun lost his temper. “That’s her reputation. I have no responsibility for it.”

“You’ve been with her for over ten years. If not you, then who’s supposed to take responsibility for it?” Rodney asked furiously.

For the first time in his life, Shaun felt that his relationship with Sarah made him feel completely drained.

He just did not want to marry Sarah. What was so difficult about it?

Was he the one who had gotten a man to force himself upon Sarah in the States? Was he the one who made Sarah and Lucifer sleep together?


“Rodney, if you like her so much, go ahead and marry her. Don’t come to me all the time just to force me.”

Shaun strode toward the door as he felt like smoking.

After glancing at Sarah’s pale expression, Rodney could not help but follow Shaun out.

He gripped Shaun’s arm and whispered, “Do you think that I don’t want to marry her? The thing is, she’s only in love with you. You’re the one she wants to be with. Shaun, you can’t pass her to someone else just because you don’t want to be with her. She’s a human, and she loves you with all her heart.”

“… I don’t love her anymore.” Shaun suddenly lifted his head. With dark currents surging in his deep -set eyes, he looked like a lion who had been provoked.

“What did you say?” Rodney was dazed.

“You can treat me as a scumbag. Anyway, it’s impossible for me to marry her again, ” Shaun said resolutely.

“What a b*stard you are!” Rodney was so infuriated that he punched Shaun in the face. “It must be Catherine who seduced you again, right? I’m going t o kill her.”

He turned around and was about to leave. However, Shaun blocked his way and warned him impassively, “You’re not allowed to look for Catherine. It has nothing to do with her. Even without her, I still won’t marry Sarah.”

“Don’t think about deceiving me. Everything was fine before Catherine returned. I’ll make sure she’ll pay for Sarah’s suffering.” Rodney could not be bothered about Shaun.

The two men pushed and shoved each other in the corridor.

At last, Rodney punched him as he could no longer tolerate him.

Shaun’s anger had reached its peak as well. The two of them began to fight in the corridor.

“Stop fighting! ” Chester, who rushed here after hearing the news, hurriedly separated them. “Both of you are distinguished people. Don’t you find it shameful to be watched as though you guys are animals?”

The two of them were shocked. Only then did they realize that there were many onlookers around them.

Fortunately, this floor was for VIP patients, so there were not many people. Most of them were doctors.

“Carry on with your work. If any of you dare to spread about tonight’s incident, you’ll be fired

straight away,” Chester warned them before he dispersed the crowd.

Rodney, whose face was injured, made a cruel remark to Shaun. “If you dare dump Sarah, we won’t be buddies anymore.”

“Suit yourself.” Shaun maintained an impassive face, which made Rodney almost go mad again.

“Enough, Rodney. This is Shaun and Sarah’s affair. Why do you keep meddling in it?” Chester warned him helplessly, “What’s more, Sarah is in the ward. Knowing that the two of you are fighting for her, she must be heartbroken.”

At the thought of Sarah, Rodney was immediately at a loss for words.

Similarly, Shaun remained silent while standing at one side.

In the ward, Sarah gnashed her teeth as she heard the two of them fighting.

Never had she thought that Shaun would heartlessly say that he would not marry her.

‘Shaunic, how cruel of you!’

She loved him so much, yet she demeaned herself again and again because of him.

In the morning.

Hackett Institute.

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